2011 South Bend, Indiana mayoral election

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South Bend mayoral election, 2011
Flag of South Bend, Indiana.svg
← 2007 November 8, 2011[1] 2015 →
  PeteButtigieg (1).JPG 3x4.svg 3x4.svg
Candidate Pete Buttigieg Norris W. Curry, Jr Patrick M. Farrell
Party Democratic Republican Libertarian
Popular vote 10,991 2,884 1,008
Percentage 73.85% 19.38% 6.77%

Mayor before election

Steve Luecke

Elected Mayor

Pete Buttigieg

The 2011 South Bend, Indiana mayoral election was held on November 8, 2011.

After serving for fourteen years, incumbent mayor Steve Leucke did not seek reelection to another term.[2]

South Bend was regarded to be a Democratic-leaning city.[2] A Republican had not been elected mayor in the city in four decades.[3]

The election was won by Pete Buttigieg, who, at 29 years of age, became the youngest mayor of an United States city with a population greater than 100,000.[4]


Primaries were held for the Democratic and Republican parties on May 3.[5]

Democratic primary[edit]

Buttigieg won what was considered a surprisingly strong victory in the Democratic Party's primary.[5]

Other candidates included state representative Ryan Dvorak and high school teacher Michael Hamann.[6]

Individuals who had previously been running include Mark Dillinger, a business services representative at Work One, Indiana's workforce development agency.[6]

Buttigieg was supported by former mayors Roger Parent and Joe E. Kernan (the latter also being a former governor).[7]

By April 8, Buttigieg had raised $230,000 for his campaign.[7] Dvorak had raised $100,000.[7] Hamann had raised $56,000.[7]

As a candidate, Buttigieg outlined a platform for his prospective mayoralty.[8] This included an economic plan which promised to assist responsible existing employers grow, cultivate "new homegrown businesses of tomorrow", have the city compete both nationally and globally for investments, create "well-coordinated and user-friendly" economic development, confront poverty, and make investments in human capital and quality of life.[9] He outlined an action plan for these economic priorities in April.[10]

Democratic primary results[11][12]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Pete Buttigieg 7,663 54.90%
Democratic Michael J. Hamann 2,798 20.05%
Democratic Ryan Dvorak 2,041 14.62%
Democratic Barrett Berry 1,424 10.20%
Democratic Felipe N. Merino 32 0.23%
Total votes 13,958

Republican primary[edit]

Republican primary results[11][13]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Norris W. Curry, Jr. 655 65.83%
Republican William F. Davis 248 24.93%
Republican Wilson R. Taylor II 92 9.25%
Total votes 995

General election[edit]

General election results[11][14]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Pete Buttigieg 10,991 73.85%
Republican Norris W. Curry Jr. 2,884 19.38%
Libertarian Patrick M. Farrell 1,008 6.77%
Total votes 14,883


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