2012 Minnesota elections

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Elections were held in Minnesota on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Primary elections took place on August 14, 2012.[1]


United States Senate[edit]

Democratic–Farmer–Labor candidate Senator Amy Klobuchar stood for re-election. She was opposed by Republican state Representative Kurt Bills.

United States House of Representatives[edit]

All eight seats of the Minnesota delegation in the United States House of Representatives were up for election in 2012. All eight incumbents were seeking re-election.


Ballot measures[edit]

Two constitutional amendments regarding same-sex marriage and voter identification were on the ballot.

Minnesota Senate[edit]

All 67 seats in the Minnesota Senate were up for election in 2012.

Minnesota House of Representatives[edit]

All 134 seats in the Minnesota House of Representatives were up for election in 2012.


Many elections for local offices were also held on November 6, 2012.


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