2013 United States gubernatorial elections

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United States gubernatorial elections, 2013

← 2012 November 5, 2013 2014 →

2 governorships
  Majority party Minority party
  U.S. Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal speaking at the 2011 Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C (cropped).jpg Peter Shumlin 2012 (cropped).jpg
Leader Bobby Jindal Peter Shumlin
Party Republican Democratic
Leader's seat Louisiana Vermont
Last election 33 governorships (30 states) 23 governorships (20 states)
Seats before 33 (30 states) 23 (20 states)
Seats after 32 (29 states) 24 (21 states)
Seat change Decrease1 Increase1
Popular vote 2,292,286[1] 1,879,767[1]
Percentage 52.53%[1] 43.08%[1]

1981 and 2013 Gubernatorial election map.svg
Results of the November 2013 elections:
     Democratic gain
     Republican hold

United States gubernatorial elections were held on November 5, 2013 in two states. These elections formed part of the 2013 United States elections.

Election summaries[edit]

State Incumbent Party Status Opposing candidates
NJ Chris Christie Republican Re-elected, 60.3% Barbara Buono (D) 38.19%
VA Bob McDonnell Republican Term-limited, Democratic gain Terry McAuliffe (D) 47.75%
Ken Cuccinelli (R) 45.23%
Robert Sarvis (L) 6.52%

Term-limited Republican incumbent[edit]

Bob McDonnell (Virginia)[edit]

Governor Bob McDonnell was term-limited in 2013, as Governors of Virginia cannot serve consecutive terms.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was the Republican nominee for Governor, after winning the nomination at Virginia's 2013 Republican Party convention.[2]

Terry McAuliffe, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, was the Democratic nominee for Governor, after being the only candidate to file for the race.[3]

Robert Sarvis, an entrepreneur and lawyer, was the Libertarian Party nominee. On June 26, 2013, the Virginia State Board of Elections confirmed to Sarvis's campaign that he would be listed on the ballot statewide during the elections this November.[4]

On November 5, 2013, Terry McAuliffe narrowly beat Ken Cuccinelli by a margin of 48% to 45.5% with Robert Sarvis accounting for the other 6.6% of the vote.[5]

Republican incumbent who sought re-election[edit]

Chris Christie (New Jersey)[edit]

Governor Chris Christie ran for a second term.[6] Christie's re-election campaign could be the prelude to a 2016 presidential campaign for him.[7]

Christie's approval ratings have hovered at or above 50% consistently throughout 2012, and broke records as the highest approval rating of any New Jersey governor in a recent Fairleigh Dickinson poll.[8][9][10]

State Senator and former State Senate Democratic Leader Barbara Buono was the Democratic nominee.[11]

The Libertarian nominee was Ken Kaplan, who also ran for U.S. Senator in 2012.[12]

Chris Christie cruised to victory on November 5, 2013 when he won in a landslide victory against his adversary, Barbara Buono. Christie won 60.4% of the vote compared to 38.1% of the vote Buono earned. Exit polls also showed that Christie appealed to ethnic minorities, an increasing priority for Republicans.[13]


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