2016 Caloocan local elections

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2016 Caloocan mayoral elections
← 2013 May 9, 2016 2019 →
  ID Oscar Malapitan (cropped).jpg
Nominee Oscar Malapitan Enrico Echiverri
Party Nacionalista NPC
Running mate Macario "Maca" Asistio III Rodolfo "Ato" Oliva
Popular vote 301,384 171,115
Percentage 62.4% 35.4%

Mayor before election

Oscar Malapitan

Elected Mayor

Oscar Malapitan

Local elections in Caloocan City were held on May 9, 2016, within the Philippine general election. The voters elected for the elective local posts in the city: the mayor, vice mayor, the two Congressmen, and the councilors, six in each of the city's two legislative districts.


On October 7, 2015, the current city mayor Oscar Malapitan announced that he would run again for mayor of Caloocan City under the "Tao Ang Una" (People First) party. Originally, Tao ang Una was Malapitan's campaign slogan during the 2013 elections, but he formed his own political party that was approved by the COMELEC on September 18. Malapitan represented and chaired the city's United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) chapter.[1]

Tao Ang Una party was composed of city-based politicians affiliated with the Liberal Party (LP), Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP) and UNA. Among them was the LP Vice Chairman for Political Affairs and District 2 Representative Edgar Erice and Vice Mayor Macario Asistio III.

Malapitan, sought re-election in the elections, up against the former city mayor and District 1 Representative Recom Echiverri, who ran under the Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC). Both Malapitan and Echiverri also faced Macario "Boy" Asistio III, who served as the city mayor of Caloocan for 14 years.[2]



Caloocan City Mayoralty Election
Party Candidate Votes %
Nacionalista Oscar Malapitan 301,384 62.4%
NPC Enrico Echiverri 171,115 35.4%
Independent Macario "Boy" Asistio, Jr. 8,591 1.8%
Independent Zenia Cabaluna 1,000 0.2%
Independent Ricky Carpio 645 0.1%
Independent Ruffy Bayon-on 464 0.1%
Total votes 100.00%

Vice Mayor[edit]

Caloocan City Vice Mayoralty Election
Party Candidate Votes %
PMP Macario "Maca" Asistio III 332,190
NPC Rodolfo "Ato" Oliva 90,596
Independent Adolfo de Castro 12,486
PBM Brother Patapat 2,700
Total votes

Representative, 1st District[edit]

2016 Philippine House of Representatives election in Caloocan's 1st District
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Dale Gonzalo "Along" Malapitan 215,131 68.5%
NPC Susana Punzalan 90,636
PBM Romualdo Orbe 2,989
PDP-Laban Garth Gollayan 2,371
Independent Violeta dela Cruz 1,742
Independent Glenn Openiano 1,158
Total votes

Representative, 2nd District[edit]

2016 Philippine House of Representatives election in Caloocan's 2nd District
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Edgar Erice 100,095
NPC Mitzi Cajayon-Uy 51,792
PBM Edgardo Espiritu 2,601
Total votes


Team Oca[edit]

United Nationalist Alliance/Team Oca 1st District
Name Party
Jay Africa UNA
Dean Asistio UNA
Onet Henson UNA
PJ Malonzo UNA
Alou Nubla Liberal
Karina Teh UNA
United Nationalist Alliance/Team Oca 2nd District
Name Party
L.A. Asistio Liberal
Tino Bagus Liberal
Carol Cunanan Liberal
Jerrboy Mauricio UNA
Rose Mercado UNA
Obet Samson UNA

Team Recom[edit]

Nationalist People's Coalition/Team Recom 1st District
Name Party
Dante Abuda NPC
Donna de Gana NPC
Edres Domato NPC
Mel Mabagos NPC
Marlon Palmere NPC
Dante Prado NPC
Nationalist People's Coalition/Team Recom 2nd District
Name Party
Alex Mangasar NPC
JM Matarangon NPC
Jinky Panganiban NPC
Ka Lando Sustuido NPC
Joseph Timbol NPC
Johnny Uy NPC

1st District[edit]

Caloocan City Council Elections - 1st District
Party Candidate Votes %
NPC Dante Abuda 58,376 3.69
UNA Jay Africa 164,669 10.41
PDP-Laban Ver Apar 7,462 0.47
Independent Roberto Aquino, Jr. 11,189 0.71
UNA Dean Asistio 166,115 10.50
Independent Gualberto Bacolod 40,168 2.54
Liberal Jim Barbara 22,698 1.44
Independent Rolly Bugais 3,509 0.22
PDP-Laban Henry Cammayo 42,420 2.68
NPC Donna de Gana 56, 553 3.58
Independent Tyrone De Leon, Sr. 9,284 0.59
NPC Edres Domato 44,924 2.84
PBM Jimmy Fuentes 11,341 0.72
UNA Onet Henson 154,137 9.75
Independent Walter Gantala 4,150 0.26
PBM Aloha Javier 11,012 0.70
PBM Jay Jimenez 15,487 0.98
NPC Mel Mabagos 80,674 5.10
UNA PJ Malonzo 184,997 11.70
Liberal Alou Nubla 147,927 9.35
Independent Al Olegario 5,276 0.33
NPC Marlon Palmere 42,110 2.66
PBM Willie Ricablanca, Jr. 7,753 0.49
Independent Edmundo Soriano 8,442 0.53
UNA Karina Teh 200,831 12.7
Independent Vien Vitug 76,096 4.81
Independent Boy Yu 3,762 0.24
Total votes 1,581,362 100%

2nd District[edit]

Caloocan City Council Elections - 2nd District
Party Candidate Votes %
PBM Marjohn Lloyd Acosta
Liberal Doc Ed Aruelo
Liberal L.A. Asistio
PBM Oliver Atutubo
Liberal Tino Bagus
Independent Tany Catacutan
Liberal Carol Cunanan
Liberal Arnold Divina
NPC Alex Mangasar
NPC JM Mataragnon
UNA Jerrboy Mauricio
UNA Rose Mercado
Independent Bro. Joe Palicte
NPC Jinky Panganiban
PBM Edwin Pascual
UNA Obet Samson
Independent Marlon Santos
PBM Efren Simangan
NPC Ka Lando Sustuido
NPC Joseph Timbol
NPC Johnny Uy
Total votes


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