2017 Saint Paul mayoral election

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Saint Paul mayoral election, 2017
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← 2013 November 7, 2017 2021 →
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Candidate Melvin Carter III Pat Harris
Popular vote 31,353 15,281
Percentage 50.9% 24.8%

Mayor before election

Chris Coleman

Elected Mayor

Melvin Carter III

The city of St. Paul, Minnesota held an election on November 7, 2017, to elect its next mayor, which was won by city councilman Melvin Carter III.[1] Chris Coleman, who served as mayor from 2006, did not run for a fourth term and instead will run for Governor of Minnesota in 2018. This was the second mayoral election in St. Paul to use ranked-choice voting. Municipal elections in Minnesota are non-partisan, although candidates can identify with a political party.


  • Melvin Carter III, DFL, former city council member, director of the Office of Early Learning, Minnesota Department of Education[2]
  • Elizabeth Dickinson, Green, environmental advocate, 2005 Mayoral candidate[3]
  • Tom Goldstein, DFL, former St. Paul School Board member, 2015 City Council candidate, small business owner[4]
  • Pat Harris, DFL, former city council member and government banking specialist at BMO Harris Bank.[5]
  • Tim Holden, Nonpartisan, 2013 mayoral candidate, small business owner[6]
  • Dai Thao, DFL, city council member[7]

Declined to Run[edit]

  • Kristin Beckmann, deputy mayor[8]
  • Amy Brendmoen, city council member[8]
  • Chris Coleman, mayor
  • Erin Dady, former mayoral chief of staff[8]
  • Tim Mahoney, state representative[9]
  • Erin Murphy, state representative[8]


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