2018 New York Assembly election

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2018 New York Assembly election

← 2016 November 6, 2018 2020 →

All 150 seats in the New York State Assembly
75 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
  CarlHeastie2017.jpg NYS Assembly Minority Leader Brian M Kolb.jpg
Leader Carl Heastie Brian Kolb
Party Democratic Republican
Leader since February 5, 2015 April 6, 2009
Leader's seat 83rd district 131st District
Seats before 107 43
Seats won 107[a] 43
Seat change Steady0 Steady0
Popular vote 3,503,874 1,598,468
Percentage 62.01% 28.29%
Swing Increase3.89% Decrease2.51%

New York Assembly Election 2018 seat changes.png
     Democratic hold      Republican hold
     Democratic gain      Republican gain
     Independence hold

Speaker before election

Carl Heastie


Carl Heastie

Elections to the New York State Assembly were held on November 6, 2018[1] along with elections for the State Senate, Governor, and U.S. Senator, among others. The Democrats retained their majority with no net change in seats from 2016. Eight seats changed hands, four from Republican to Democrat and four from Democrat to Republican.


Party Seats Votes Percentage Swing
Democratic 107 3,503,874 62.01% Increase3.89%
Republican 43 1,598,468 28.29% Decrease2.51%
Conservative 0 235,807 4.17% Decrease0.45%
Working Families 0 155,810 2.76% Increase0.20%
Independence 0 93,835 1.66% Decrease1.08%
Reform 0 28,392 0.50% Increase0.10%
Women's Equality 0 23,419 0.41% Increase0.03%
Green 0 6,211 0.11% Decrease0.18%
Libertarian 0 3,958 0.07% Decrease0.13%
Tax Revolt 0 235 0.00% Decrease0.20%
In Maio We Trust 0 106 0.00% New

Detailed results[edit]

Vote share of each candidate by main party per district.[1] Candidates can run on multiple parties in New York; the shading is the sum of votes a candidate received for all parties, although only the main party is used for shading. Although Fred Thiele of the 1st district is mainly associated with the Independence Party, he received most of his votes as a Democrat[1] and is thus noted here.


  1. ^ Includes Independence Party member Fred Thiele of the 1st district, who caucuses with the Democrats.


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