2019 service delivery protests

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2019 service delivery protests
Date3 April 2019 - May 2019
Urban areas of South Africa
Caused byLack of delivery of municipal services
Resulted in
  • 2 deaths[1]
  • 45 total arrests
37 arrests in the Western Cape[2]
8 arrested in Sotweto[3]
  • property damage

The 2019 service delivery protests refers to a series of protests and civil disturbances taking place across urban areas of South Africa related to poor service delivery that started in Alexandra on the 3 April 2019.[4][5]

After starting in Alexandra on the 3 April the protestors marched to the wealthy nearby neighbourhood of Sandton five days later to gain more attention.[6] On the 9 April the trade union SAFTU stated their support for the protests and called on other areas in Gauteng province to join.[7] By the 11 April 2019 the protests had spread to other major cities in the rest of the country.[8] Other than Alexandra protests occurred in Hammanskraal, Roodepoort, Vereeniging, Kroonstad, Blackheath,[9] Tshwane,[10] Bekkersdal, Orange Grove,[11] Nomzamo[12] Lingelethu East,[13] Bergville,[14] Bekkersdal,[15] Caledon,[16] Eersteriver, Rus-ter-Vaal,[2] Khayelitsha,[17] Riverlea,[18] and Soweto.[19]

The major political parties traded accusations over the cause of the riots.[6] The African National Congress (ANC) accused the Democratic Alliance (DA) of not effectively delivering services to the protesting communities[20] and the DA made a counter accusation that it was ANC governance in Johannesburg two years before was the root cause of poor service delivery in Alexandra.[21] The protests were openly supported by the trade union SAFTU who called on other areas to join the protests.[22] The DA[23] and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) accused the ANC of instigating and spreading the protests to discredit them in the run up to the 2019 South African general election.[24][25]

Notable South African academic, Steven Friedman, criticised media coverage of the protests for "denigrat[ing] poor people by offering a distorted picture of their lives" and supporting politically motivated narratives that the protests were incited by political parties instead of being driven by genuine grievances.[26]

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