20th Frontier Force

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20th Frontier Force
ActiveOctober 1, 1965
RoleMechanized Infantry
Garrison/HQTobe Camp Kakul
Motto(s)Tayyar Hardam Tayyar
EngagementsPak-Indo War 1965
Pak-Indo War 1971
Raised byLt Col Anwar ul Haq

The 20th Frontier Force is a battalion of the Frontier Force Regiment, a regiment of the Pakistan Army formed in 1956 from the amalgamation of three regiments: the Frontier Force Regiment, the Frontier Force Rifles and the Pathan Regiment. The regimental center is at Abbottabad.


20 FF was established at Tobe camp Kakul on October 1, 1965, with Lieutenant Colonel Anwar ul Haq as its first Commanding Officer.


The battalion took active part in the battles of 1965 and 1971.

War Time Deployment[edit]

  • 1965 - Chawinda
  • 1971 - Langewala

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