568 Collins Street

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568 Collins Street
568 Collins Street, in May 2017 2.jpg
568 Collins Street in May 2017
General information
Location568 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria
Coordinates37°49′06″S 144°57′20″E / 37.81836°S 144.95542°E / -37.81836; 144.95542Coordinates: 37°49′06″S 144°57′20″E / 37.81836°S 144.95542°E / -37.81836; 144.95542
Estimated completionSeptember 2015
CostAUD$161 million
Roof224 m (735 ft)[1]
Technical details
Floor count69
Design and construction
ArchitectBruce Henderson Architects
DeveloperStamoulis Property Group
Main contractorHickory Group

568 Collins Street is a mixed–use skyscraper[2] in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The building was first proposed in 2011[1] and later approved by then-Planning Minister Matthew Guy in early 2012. The skyscraper reaches 224 metres in height[3]– making it one of the tallest buildings in Melbourne.[4] The tower includes 588 residential apartments spanning across 69 levels, as well as offices.[5]

Construction on the $161 million project commenced in mid-2012 and was completed in September 2015.[4] At the time of its completion, 568 Collins Street became the equal 4th–tallest building in Melbourne to roof and equal 6th–tallest overall.[1]

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