92 KQRS Morning Show

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92 KQRS Morning Show
GenreComedy, Talk, Classic rock
Running time5:40 A.M.-10:00 A.M. CST
Country of originUnited States
Home stationKQRS-FM
Minneapolis–St Paul, Minnesota
StarringTom Barnard
Created byMark Steinmetz, Dave Hamilton
Original release1986 – current
Website92 KQRS Morning Show

The 92 KQRS Morning Show (also known as the KQ Morning Crew) is a popular, long-running radio morning show originating from KQRS-FM in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is currently hosted by Tom Barnard, and features several other regular personalities. It is also one of the highest-rated local morning shows in America.[1][2]



On June 9, 1998, Barnard was reading a news item about a Hmong girl that had killed her newborn son. The crew made several derisive remarks; in particular, Barnard stated that Hmongs should "assimilate or hit the goddamn road" [3] and, in response to his reading of the $10,000 fine levied against the girl, "That's a lot of eggrolls." [4] KQRS weathered protests from the Asian-American community and eventually issued a public apology in addition to making several PR-building concessions to the community. In a related concession, Tony Lee's stereotypical character "Tak" and his segment, "A Talk with Tak" was removed from the show.[5]

Native Americans[edit]

In September 2007, Terri and Tom made comments about the Minnesota Chippewa and Sioux tribes, respectively, and the American Indian Alliance that raised concerns from the tribes.[6] The tribes mounted several protests throughout October, and the station again issued a public apology.


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  3. ^ Evans 1998:"In a June 9 broadcast, Barnard sparked controversy by mocking news reports of a 13-year-old Wisconsin Hmong girl who was accused of killing her baby. Minnesota's Hmong community responded with outrage to Barnard's comments, which concluded, 'either assimilate or hit the [redacted] road.'"
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