9th National Hockey League All-Star Game

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9th NHL All-Star Game
123 Total
All-Star Team 001 1
Detroit Red Wings 021 3
DateOctober 2, 1955
ArenaDetroit Olympia
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The 9th National Hockey League All-Star Game took place at the Detroit Olympia, home of the Detroit Red Wings, on October 2, 1955. The Red Wings, winner of the 1955 Stanley Cup Finals, played a team of All-Stars, winning by a score of 3–1.


When the NHL mandated that all teams must have a white jersey beginning with the 1951-52 NHL season, the league at the time chose to make the white jersey the designated home uniform. However, prior to the 1955-56 season, the NHL reversed the designation, requiring home teams to wear their dark jerseys and visitors to wear white. As the first All-Star Game under these rules, the Red Wings wore their red uniforms, while the All-Stars wore the white uniforms worn by the Second Team All-Stars in 1951 and 1952. The white All-Star uniform with blue and red trim would continue to be worn through 1959. The white jersey would be adapted into a throwback worn by the Wales Conference All-Stars in the 1992 All-Star Game.

Game summary[edit]

NHL All-Stars Detroit Red Wings
Final score 1 3
Head coach Dick Irvin (Chicago Black Hawks) Jimmy Skinner (Detroit Red Wings)
Lineup Starting lineup: Starting lineup:
Scoring summary
  • Harvey (Beliveau, Smith), 16:38
  • Howe (Reibel, Delvecchio), 0:57 2nd (PPG)
  • Reibel (Howe, Lindsay), 5:43
  • Reibel (Goldham, Lindsay), 19:33 (ENG)
  • Flaman, 1:28 1st
  • Geoffrion, 9:04 1st
  • Stewart, 10:32 1st
  • Stanley, 16:14 1st
  • Morricon, 19:14 1st
  • Harvey, 12:28 3rd
  • Corcoran, 8:46 1st
  • Bucyk, 15:16 1st
  • Corcoran, 6:40 2nd
  • Hollingworth, 16:01 2nd
  • Hollingworth, 10:54 3rd
Win/Loss L - Harry Lumley W - Glenn Hall




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