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A.U (阿U or 阿优) is a Chinese media franchise comprising manhua, cartoons and games that was introduced in 2009.[1] It is a brand owned by Hangzhou A.U Cultural Creativity Co., Ltd. It centers on a boy of the same name and his friends.[2]


  • A.U (阿U) - A red-haired boy who is curious, naughty, and loving.
  • Pangzi (胖仔) - A fat boy who loves to eat.
  • Amei (阿美) - A girl who is pretty and smart.
  • Nanrenpo (男人婆) - A tomboy who is straightforward.

Comics and animation[edit]

A.U comic books were first released by Zhejiang Juvenile and Children's Publishing House in 2011, and as of 2013 over 100 million copies were sold.[3] The first A.U animated series premiered in China Central Television in August 2012 and A.U cartoons have since become popular.[1] On 2014, the fifth season (阿U之神奇萝卜) introduced rabbit characters to the show.

Merchandising and games[edit]

The A.U clothing brand for children, whose chief designer has been Yves Castaldi,[4] was released in May 2014. Since then, other branded products including snacks, footwear, and wallpaper became available. Electronic educational devices for young children including a smart rabbit-like robot called A.U Rabbit for families[5] have also been released.[6] There are A.U games in the Apple App Store and the A.U electronic devices.[1] Brand awareness for A.U among primary school students had reached 63.3%.[7]

Theme park[edit]

A theme park called A.U Cartoon Island (阿U国际卡通岛) in Xianghu Lake in Hangzhou has been planned, and would feature digital interactivity.[1]


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