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A131 road map.jpg
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Route information
Length26.9 mi (43.3 km)
Major junctions
South endA130 near Little Waltham
 A120 A120 road

A1017 A1017 road

A1124 A1124 road
North endA134 in Sudbury, Suffolk
Sudbury, Suffolk, Halstead, Braintree, Essex
Road network

The A131 road is a road in Essex, England.

It runs from the A130 road (near Little Waltham) to the A134 road at Sudbury. The A131 road by-passes Great Leighs, Young's End, Great Notley, then goes through the A120 road as the Braintree by-pass. It then meets the B1053 road (at the north end of the Braintree by-pass), goes through High Garrett, where it meets the A1017 road (coming off to the left) and Halstead (where it crosses the A1124 road).


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