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Route information
Length23.5 mi (37.8 km)
Major junctions
 A49 A49 road
[ M 6 🛣 ] M6 motorway
A58 A58 road
A570 A570 road
A572 A572 road
A578 A578 road
A579 A579 road
A5082 A5082 road
Boothstown, Wigan, Skelmersdale, Ormskirk
Road network

The A577 is an A road in England which runs from Boothstown, Greater Manchester to Ormskirk, Lancashire.


The A577 starts at A572 in Boothstown, where it climbs uphill and over the A580 and into Tyldesley. It meets the A5082, then climbs up to Atherton. The road then meets A579 and passes the A578. The road heads into Hindley, crossing the A58 and goes into Wigan. It passes the JJB Stadium then goes past the M6. It enters Up Holland. After going past an urbanized area, it ascends slightly and goes into Westhead. It passes Ormskirk High School, then enters Ormskirk. The road ends at a junction with the A570.[1]


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