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A666 shield

A666 near Farnworth
Major junctions
South endPendlebury
53°30′09″N 2°18′37″W / 53.5025°N 2.3103°W / 53.5025; -2.3103 (A666 road (southern end))
 A6 A6 road
A6044 A6044 road
[ M 60  ] M60 motorway
A667 A667 road
[ M 61  ] M61 motorway
A6053 A6053 road
A575 A575 road
A579 A579 road
A676 A676 road
A673 A673 road
A6099 A6099 road
A58 A58 road
A675 A675 road
[ M 65  ] M65 motorway
A6062 A6062 road
A6078 A6078 road
A6119 A6119 road
A59 A59 road
North endLangho
53°48′31″N 2°26′41″W / 53.8086°N 2.4448°W / 53.8086; -2.4448 (A666 road (northern end))
Road network

The A666 is a major road in Greater Manchester and Lancashire, England. Known as Manchester Road, Bolton Road, or Blackburn Road, depending on which area it is in, it runs from its junction with the A6, M61 and A580 at the Irlams o' th' Height boundary with Pendlebury near Manchester, through Pendlebury, Clifton, Kearsley, Farnworth, Bolton, Darwen and Blackburn before meeting the A59 at Langho. Along the route are the West Pennine Moors, the Turton and Entwistle reservoir and the Entwistle reservoir forest.

Anchor Hotel on the A666 Blackburn Road in Darwen

It is sometimes referred to as the Devil's Highway[1] or the Devil's Road because of Biblical associations of its number 666, and its high accident rate on the moors between Egerton and Darwen. Conversely, for a short length from the M61 Kearsley spur and bypassing Farnworth to central Bolton, it is officially called St. Peter's Way.

Road works (speed limit changed from 70mph to 50mph, speed cameras, better safety fencing, banning cyclists from the road, slip road changes) finished at the start of 2000 reduced traffic collisions and crashes by 60%. Before this it was having 26 vehicle collisions and crashes a year with 40 people injured.[1]

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Coordinates: 53°38′29″N 2°26′59″W / 53.6414°N 2.4497°W / 53.6414; -2.4497 (A666 road)