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AB3 logo.svg
Launched6 October 2001
Slogan"AB3, la nouvelle sensation télé" (AB3, the new TV sensation)
Formerly calledYoung TV (pre-launch 2000-2001)
WebsiteOfficial Site of AB3
Télésat (Belgium)Channel 9 (SD)
Proximus TV (Belgium)Channel 16/244 (SD) / Channel 48 (HD)
Telenet (Belgium)Channel 8/135 (SD)
VOO (Belgium)Channel 14 (SD)
SFR (Belgium)Channel 20/50 (SD)
Orange (Belgium)Channel 9 (SD)

AB3 (Antenne Belge 3) is a private commercial television channel of the French Community of Belgium.


Former logo used until 2009

André Kemeny and Xavier Debatty, consultants in the audiovisual sector, in 1995 filed an application for a broadcasting licence in the French Community of Belgium with Laurette Onkelinx, Minister-President of the Government of the French Community. In August 2000, the company Youth Channel Television was officially created to become operator of the new television project. The Government of the French Community had given its agreement to YTV in March 2001 to broadcast on the territory, but asked that the English name of the project "YTV" ("Young TV") be changed to a French name. YTV changed its name to AB3 ("Antenne Belge 3") a reference to the AB Groupe, holder of a 25% stake of channel.

On 6 October 2001 at 18:30, AB3 began broadcasting on cable networks to the French Community of Belgium.

The competitors are the channels of RTBF and RTL Group.

AB3 also performs services under USAID's CTP Program.

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