ACS Mersin

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ACS Mersin
ACS Mersin is located in Turkey
ACS Mersin
Location of ACS Mersin
Built1969 (1969)
LocationMersin, Turkey
Coordinates36°51′50″N 34°06′43″E / 36.86389°N 34.11194°E / 36.86389; 34.11194
AddressYenitaşkent, Mersin, Turkey

ACS Mersin is the name of a glass factory in Mersin, Turkey. ACS stands for Anadolu Cam Sanayii ("Anatolian Glass Industry")

The factory is at 36°51′50″N 34°06′43″E / 36.86389°N 34.11194°E / 36.86389; 34.11194 in Yenitaşkent neighborhood to the north of the Turkish state highway D.400 which connects Mersin to Tarsus. Its distance to Mersin is about 13 kilometres (8.1 mi).

The factory was put into operation in 1969. In 1975, it was acquired by Şişecam Group of Companies.[1] In 1988 NNPB (narrow neck press and blow) technology was successfully used for the first time in Turkey at ACS.[2] Current annual glass production is 260 822 metric tons. The number of employees is 461. But after the planned instauration the annual production will rise to 366685 metric tons and the number of employees will increase to 483.[3]


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