Abdul Qadir al-Badri

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Abdul Al-Qadir El-Badri
عبد القادر البدري
Abdul Qadir al-Badri.jpg
Prime Minister of Libya
In office
2 July – 25 October 1967
Preceded byHussein Maziq
Succeeded byAbdul Hamid al-Bakkoush
Housing Minister of Libya
In office
2 October 1965 – 1 July 1967
Prime MinisterHussein Maziq
Preceded bynone
Succeeded byWanis al-Qaddafi (acting)
Personal details

Abdul al-Qadir El-Badri (Arabic: عبد القادر البدري‎) (1921 – 2003) was Prime Minister of Libya from 2 July to 25 October 1967. He was born near Abyar, 62 km east of the city of Benghazi.


born in the Alumblytanih region near the city Biar about 62 kilometers east of the city of Benghazi. He was the only one of his parents, where his father and mother died with his name. He lived as a poor poor man at the time and was very fair on the part of his parents, who always called him in the abundance of his offspring to compensate for the unity he lived without brothers or sisters, God the had married four women and had children and 15 daughters. 18. Belongs to the tribe "Carthage" Mujahid one of the largest tribes smoothly. He attended primary schools in religious schools and, early in his life, turned to agriculture and commerce. He was elected to the House of Representatives of the Barqa government in 1950. He has also succeeded as a member of the "Abyar" circle in all parliamentary elections since independence.

He has won the House of Representatives elections for the Abyear District since the three election sessions from December 1952 to December 1960. In the House of Representatives. He became the prime minister of agriculture of Abdul Majeed Ka'bar's government in his last days (September-October 1960). He also has the Ministries of Economy and Health in the Government of Fisheries Mohamed Osman (October 1960 to October 1961), and the industry in the government of Hussein Mazzek (March to October 1965), and is became the prime minister of housing and government property in the same government (October 1965 to April 1967).