Abitibi Canyon Generating Station

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Abitibi Canyon Dam
Abitibi Canyon Generating Station.jpg
Abitibi Canyon Generating Station is located in Ontario
Abitibi Canyon Generating Station
Location of Abitibi Canyon Dam in Ontario
LocationUnorganized North Cochrane District, Ontario
Coordinates49°52′40″N 81°34′15″W / 49.87778°N 81.57083°W / 49.87778; -81.57083Coordinates: 49°52′40″N 81°34′15″W / 49.87778°N 81.57083°W / 49.87778; -81.57083
Opening dateOctober 1933
Owner(s)Ontario Power Generation
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsAbitibi River
Installed capacity349 MW

Abitibi Canyon Generating Station is a hydroelectric power plant owned by Ontario Power Generation on the Abitibi River. The station is located 80 km north of Smooth Rock Falls, within Pitt Township in Northern Unorganized Cochrane District, in Ontario, Canada. This facility is the fifth downstream hydroelectric plant of six on the Abitibi River. Designed by George F. Hardy Company, the construction of this 349 MW facility began in 1930 and became fully operational in 1936.[1] Hydro One has a 500 kV transmission line along with a 230 kV line that runs south to Sudbury and continues all the way to Toronto to interconnect with the rest of the 500 kV network in Ontario.

Abitibi Canyon community[edit]

Location of Abitibi Canyon Generating Station and adjacent community

In 1930, a colony was established to house the employees of the plant and their families. About 130 people lived in the community which contained 30 homes, a community hall, skating rink, shooting range, school, hospital, general store, post office and church. By 1982, the community had expanded to about 300 residents.[2]

Blackfly is a song popular in Canada. Composed in 1949 by Canadian Wade Hemsworth, he sings a bouncy song recounting his adventures working with a survey crew in the early 1930 s, in northern Ontario.[3]

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