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Academia de Talentos
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ADT Homepage screen.
TypeOnline newspaper
Owner(s)André Figueiredo
EditorSofia Vieira

Academia de Talentos is a Portuguese online newspaper, dedicated to youth-level football.


In the last few years, some Portuguese players have been in the headlines of newspapers all over the world. Luís Figo and more recently, Cristiano Ronaldo, are two of these. Youth football is growing, and people want to follow it and stay informed about what's new.[citation needed] These are the reasons why "Academia de Talentos" was founded.

At this newspaper, readers can find match reports, interviews with coaches and players, transfers, and many other kinds of articles.


"Academia de Talentos" is focused in the coverage of S.L. Benfica, F.C. Porto and Sporting matches. This clubs have teams both at national championships ( and regional tournaments (Associação de Futebol de Lisboa e Associação de Futebol do Porto)


There are three national championships:

Other tournaments[edit]

"Academia de Talentos" has also followed some of the main Portuguese friendly tournaments at youth-level like Nike Premier Cup, Torneio Ponte de Frielas[4] in Loures and the Taça Cidade dos Campeões[5] at Vila Real de Santo António.

Player articles[edit]

Some of the players that have had their careers chronicled at the paper:


Every week, "Academia de Talentos" produces an interview with one famous figure at the football industry. Here are some of main interviews:


Since its foundation, since it is a reference in the field of youth football,"Academia de Talentos" has been quoted in many Portuguese websites and forums[6] [7][8][9][10][11][12] and a special reference by Record (One of the top Portuguese sport's newspaper), sub-director Bernardo Ribeiro.[13]


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