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Academy of Medicine, Singapore
Academy of Medicine Singapore logo.jpg
Motto"Recta sapere"
(English: the right-minded)
Prof Lim Shih Hui

The Academy of Medicine, Singapore (AMS), is a professional and educational organisation for doctors and dentists in Singapore.


The Academy of Medicine, Singapore, was founded in 1957 and served both Singapore and Malaysia until the union ended in 1965. The autonomous Academy of Medicine of Malaysia was founded in 1966 by Malaysian members of the AMS.

AMS founders included: Professor Gordon Arthur Ransome, the Academy's first Master; Dr Benjamin Henry Sheares, former President of Singapore; and Dr Yeoh Ghim Seng, former Speaker of Parliament.[1]


Fellowship of the Academy is denoted by the title FAMS (Fellow, Academy of Medicine, Singapore). It is a recognised postgraduate medical qualification in Singapore.[2]

Constituent colleges[2][edit]

Constituent chapters[2][edit]

  • Chapter of Clinician Educators
  • Chapter of Clinician Scientists
  • Chapter of Pathologists
  • Chapter of Family Medicine
  • Chapter of Intensivists


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