Advanced Civilization

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Advanced Civilization
Advanced Civilization box cover
Advanced Civilization box cover
Setup time15 minutes
Playing time5-12 hours
Random chanceLow
Skill(s) requiredTactics, Strategy, Diplomacy

Advanced Civilization is the expansion game for the board game Civilization, published in 1991 by Avalon Hill. Ownership of the original game is necessary to play. Neither game is currently published, following the dissolution of the original Avalon Hill game company and sale of all rights to titles to Hasbro in 1998.


Advanced Civilization enhances the game as much as it expands it, clarifying rules and simplifying certain aspects of the game. New features include:

  • Assigning points to position on the Archaeological Succession Table (AST), rather than void a player from winning who has fallen behind in development
  • Unlimited Civilization cards, omitting the fight to acquire advances before other players
  • Seven new commodities cards, making the ever-important trade phase far more exciting
  • Four new calamity cards
  • Introduction of non-tradeable calamities
  • Eight new Civilization cards, including a new group: religion
  • Simplified trade to speed the game up
  • Rules for 8 players
  • Rules for late-comers and those that leave early

Video game[edit]

Avalon Hill created a video game version of this game, called Avalon Hill's Advanced Civilization. The rules are slightly modified from the board version to make it suitable for computer play.


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