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AerisWeather LLC
WeatherNation, LLC
Excelsior, Minnesota
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AerisWeather LLC, originally WeatherNation, LLC then Broadcast Weather, is owned by Paul Douglas and Todd Frostad and is based in Excelsior, Minnesota.[1]


Paul Douglas first had the idea for outsourced weather production in 1979 but shelved it due to the expected high cost, mostly for satellite feeds ($5 to $7 million a month). With his lay off from WCCO-TV in 2008, Douglas started WeatherNation as broadband's availability decreased the costs. Douglas was CEO and Todd Frostad, formerly of Digital River and a commercial real estate businessman, was president and co-owner. The company hired 5 other meteorologists.[2] One of the company's first client was the St. Cloud Times[3] who signed on during the summer of 2009.[2] Another was KARE in launching its Weather Now subchannel.[2] In 2009 Media Logic, WeatherNation's parent company, purchased HamWeather, an Atlanta based company.[4][5] By November 2009, the company had about two dozen clients with some being Spanish stations. WeatherNation also signed on Independent News Network which uses the company for five of its Spanish language client stations.[2]

On May 20, 2010, the company launched The Weather Cast, a channel developed for Dish Network with the intent to replace The Weather Channel on the satellite provider. Dish, which had been negotiating with the channel on a new carriage agreement, had planned to drop The Weather Channel as a result of a dispute over a planned increase in retransmission consent payments and the provider's dissatisfaction with the channel's decreased reliance on weather forecasts in favor of reality, documentary and other entertainment programming.[1] Weather Cast existed for four days, ceasing operations on May 24, when The Weather Channel reached a multi-year agreement with Dish Network.[6]

The company licensed its WeatherNation trademarks and brand to Performance One Media in 2010 and changed its name to Broadcast Weather. Broadcast Weather also was contracted to produce the WeatherNation programming.[7][8] With the license out of the Weather Nation trademarks, the company was split into four companies, Broadcast Weather LLC, Ham Weather LLC, Smart Energy LLC and Singular Logic.[7]

In June 2010, the company with Insight Communications launched CN2 cable channel to serve the state of Kentucky providing the weather. By Mid-August 2011, Broadcast Weather was providing weather video to Bay News, a San Francisco Bay area iPad-only news service.[7]


  • Broadcast Weather, LLC provides TV station weather reports
  • Ham Weather LLC, development of graphics, data streams and mobile API’s
  • Smart Energy LLC, wind forecasts for wind farms
  • Singular Logic, patent or patent pending holder of user choice advertising[7]


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