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Afrika Korps game

Afrika Korps is a two-player wargame published by the Avalon Hill Game Company in 1963-1964 and re-released in 1965 and 1977. Played on a mapboard depicting the northern coastline of eastern Libya and western Egypt, the game follows Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps and their Italian allies as they fought back-and-forth campaigns against British forces in World War II.

The game uses small cardboard counters and the then newly popular hex-based movement system pioneered by Avalon Hill's D-Day in 1961. The mapboard's hexes represent terrain roughly ten to fifteen kilometers (six to nine miles) across, and the military units, represented by the cardboard counters, vary from regiment up to division size. The game's system emphasizes the importance of supply, particularly the variability of Afrika Korps' supply and reinforcements. Unlike other similar wargames published by Avalon Hill around the same time, units could not attack at will, but used up supply counters (which were very limited in number) to attack.


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