Agreement for Change

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Agreement for Change

Concertación por el Cambio
General SecretaryHenri Falcón
Founded21 June 2018
Split fromDemocratic Unity Roundtable
Christian democracy
Social democracy
Social liberalism
Democratic socialism
Political positionCentre-left
Colors     Blue
Seats in the National Assembly
8 / 167
Seats in the Latin American Parliament
1 / 12
Seats in the Mercosur Parliament
1 / 23
0 / 23
15 / 335

Agreement for Change (Spanish: Concertación por el Cambio) is a Venezuelan coalition created on June 21, 2018 by former 2018 presidential candidate and Chavismo defector Henri Falcón.[1] The coalition initially integrated seven political parties opposed to the government of Nicolás Maduro. The alliance is committed to what they call the "democratic route" through mechanisms such as voting, dialogue, peaceful protests and the rejection of foreign intervention.[2]



On June 21, 2018, Progressive Advance leader and former 2018 presidential candidate Henri Falcon, announced the creation of the alliance, composed of the political parties and movements who supported his candidacy in the recent presidential elections of May 2018. Falcon said that there was separated from the Democratic Unity Roundtable - a coalition in which militated since 2010 - but it is "deviated from its path," claiming that his coalition will follow the electoral "route". He also said that his platform will present proposals to the country in the face of the current crisis it faces.

The alliance presented its economic proposals by integrating wage dollarization.[3]


Columnist Ascension Reyes from El Nacional said an internal crisis deepens in the Democratic Unity Roundtable coalition, and the creation of Concertación means another division.[4]

Parties and movements[edit]

Among the political parties and movements that make up this coalition are:[5]

Party/movement Ideology
Progressive Advance Progressivism
Movement for Socialism Democratic socialism
Let's Change Movement [es] Pluralism
Ecological Movement of Venezuela Ecology
Solutions Movement Social democracy
Together Movement Democratic socialism
Independents for National Community [es] Bolivarianism
COPEI Christian democracy
Front Movement with Venezuela Pluralism



Municipal Councils[edit]

According to Efecto Cocuyo news portal, out of 80 municipals that had the opposition previously held now remains with 10 following the 9 December 2018 elections.

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