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The Aho Group Report on Creating an Innovative Europe was published in 2006. The report was written by a four-member group chaired by Esko Aho, former Finnish Prime Minister. The committee was created at the Hampton Court summit in the United Kingdom (UK) in October 2005. The report focuses on the creation of innovation friendly markets, strengthening of R&D resources, increasing the structural mobility in Europe and to foster a culture which celebrates innovation.



The report states that current trends in the European Union are unsustainable in the face of global competition and calls for a European pact for research and innovation. The report urges for rapid, collective action on a European scale and a new vision to address Europe’s productivity and social challenges.

The creation of an internal market for innovative products and services, in a harmonised regulatory environment, would provide incentives to companies to increase their investments in research and development on a broader range of modern technologies. The strategic areas for the European economy are eHealth, pharmaceuticals, transport and logistics, energy, security, the environment and the digital content industry. The report puts forward improved financing of science and to increase investments and to provide fiscal incentives in high-tech domains such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and neurosciences. The report also makes a plea for the mobility of the European workforce, ideas and financial assets.

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