Air Force Academy, Finnish Air Force

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Air Force Academy
Lentosotakoulun lippu.svg
Activesince 2005
BranchFinnish Air Force
RoleBasic pilot training

The Air Force Academy (Finnish: Ilmasotakoulu, abbr. IlmaSK; Swedish: Luftkrigsskolan) is located at Tikkakoski in Jyväskylä, Finland. It is a Finnish Air Force pilot training school, which gives initial pilot training for conscripts of the Finnish Air Force. The pilots fly Vinka aircraft and training is provided by the Patria Aviation company. Upon completing initial training, some pilots are transferred to the Training Air Wing in Kauhava, where they begin jet training with Hawk aircraft.

Initial pilot training was formerly given in the Air Force Academy in Kauhava, but basic training was branched off as a separate unit and moved to Tikkakoski in 2005. At the same time, the Kauhava unit change its name into Training Air Wing and the new unit in Tikkakoski retained the name Air Force Academy.

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