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Ranks and insignia, similar to the Royal Air Force but adapted to suit the origins of the Chilean Air Force, are worn on shoulder collars and cuffs. General officers have the Condor eagle in their shoulder collars while officer cadets have a unique symbol, that of the Aviation School "Captain Manuel Ávalos Prado", on their shoulder collars. On the NCOs and enlistees, only Subofficer Majors and Subofficers wear both shoulder and cuff insignia, while Graduate Soldiers wear a double capital letter E (for the Air Force Specialties School "First Sergeant Adolfo Menandier Rojas") on their shoulder collars alongside their unique cuff marking.

Officer ranks (SS.OO.)[edit]

The officer ranking system and insignia are similar to the RAF pattern of ranks, save for the General officer ranks, modified to suit the British style ranks, and the Colonel rank.[1] Other ranks with foreign influences are that of Air Brigade General, a general officer rank in the French Air Force, and Air General, a general officer rank in the Spanish Air Force and the Bolivian and Colombian air forces.

Rank[2] General Officer Superior Officer Chief Officer Junior Officer Cadet Officer
Shoulder SS.OO.1.- GDA.svg SS.OO.2.- GAV.svg SS.OO.3.- GBA.svg SS.OO.4.- COM.svg SS.OO.5.- CDA.svg SS.OO.6.- CDG.svg SS.OO.7.- CDE.svg SS.OO.8.- CDB.svg SS.OO.9.- TTE.svg SS.OO.10.- STE.svg SS.OO.11.- ALF.svg CADETE EAV.svg
Sleeve (service dress) SS.OO.1.B - GDA.svg SS.OO.2.B - GAV.svg SS.OO.3.B - GBA.svg SS.OO.4.B - COM.svg SS.OO.5.B - CDA.svg SS.OO.6.B - CDG.svg SS.OO.7.B - CDE.svg SS.OO.8.B - CDB.svg SS.OO.9.B - TTE.svg SS.OO.10.B - STE.svg SS.OO.11.B - ALF.svg
Sleeve (full dress) SS.OO.1.- GDA - GALA -.svg SS.OO.2.- GAV - GALA -.svg SS.OO.3.- GBA - GALA -.svg SS.OO.4.- COM - GALA -.svg SS.OO.5.- CDA - GALA -.svg SS.OO.6.- CDG - GALA -.svg SS.OO.7.- CDE - GALA -.svg SS.OO.8.- CDB - GALA -.svg SS.OO.9.- TTE - GALA -.svg SS.OO.10.- STE - GALA-.svg SS.OO.11.- ALF - GALA.svg
Rank General del Aire General de Aviación General de Brigada Aérea Comodoro Coronel de Aviación Comandante de Grupo Comandante de Escuadrilla Capitán de Bandada Teniente Subteniente Alférez Cadete
Abbreviation (C.J.) (G.D.A.) (G.B.A.) (-) (C.D.A.) (C.D.G.) (C.D.E.) (C.D.B.) (TTE.) (STE.) (ALF.) -
Translation Air General Aviation General Air Brigade General Commodore Aviation Colonel Group Commander Squadron Commander Flight Captain Lieutenant Sub-lieutenant Ensign Cadet Officer
Equivalent Air Chief Marshal Air Marshal Air Vice-Marshal Air Commodore
(optional rank for senior Group Captains)
Group Captain Wing Commander Squadron Leader Flight Lieutenant Flying Officer Pilot Officer Acting Pilot Officer Officer Cadet


Noncommissioned and enlisted ranks[edit]

Rank Subofficer Major Subofficer Class Student Conscripted Soldier
Shoulder PCP.1 - H.SOM.svg PCP.2 - H.SOF.svg PCP.3 - H.SG1.svg FACH Alumno (hombro).png
Sleeve PCP.1 - B. SOM.svg PCP.2 - B.SOF.svg PCP.3 - B.SG1.svg PCP.4 - SG2.svg PCP.5 - CB1.svg PCP.6 - CB2.svg PCP.7 - CBO.svg FACh Alumno (brazo).png
Rank Suboficial Mayor Suboficial Sargento 1° Sargento 2° Cabo 1° Cabo 2° Cabo Alumno Soldado Conscripto
Abbreviation (SOM) (SOF) (SG1) (SG2) (CBO1) (CBO2) (CBO) - -
Translation Sub-officer Major Sub-officer First Sergeant Second Sergeant First Corporal Second Corporal Corporal Student Conscript Soldier
Equivalent Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Flight Sergeant Sergeant Corporal Senior Aircraftman (Air Groups and Topography Service),
Lance Corporal(Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment, Personnel Command and Logistics)
Leading Aircraftman Student NCO Aircraftman


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