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Akhamb Island
Akhamb Island is located in Vanuatu
Akhamb Island
Akhamb Island
Location in Vanuatu
Coordinates: 16°31′07″S 167°39′07″E / 16.51861°S 167.65194°E / -16.51861; 167.65194Coordinates: 16°31′07″S 167°39′07″E / 16.51861°S 167.65194°E / -16.51861; 167.65194
Country Vanuatu
ProvinceMalampa Province
 • Total646
Time zoneUTC+11 (VUT)

Akhamb Island is a small island in Vanuatu, just off the southcoast of Malakula.

It has around 646 inhabitants, according to the 2009 census.[1]


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