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The Alaska Attorney General is the chief legal advisor to the government of the State of Alaska and to its governor. The Attorney General is appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Alaska Legislature. The position has existed since the early days of the Territory of Alaska, though it was an elected rather than an appointed position prior to statehood. The Attorney General also serves as the Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Law, and is the only commissioner of a principal department of Alaska state government not referred to as "Commissioner" in normal usage.[1] Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy nominated Anchorage attorney Kevin Clarkson to fill the position on December 5, 2018.[2]

List of Attorneys General[edit]

In the earliest days of the Alaska Territory, the Territorial Counsel served as the de facto attorney general. Only one person, John H. Cobb, served in this position. The 2nd Alaska Territorial Legislature in 1915 created the Office of the Attorney General, to become effective after the 1916 general election. The attorney general's position was an elected position during the entirety of territorial days, as opposed to under statehood, in which it has been a position appointed by the governor. The following is a list of attorneys general in Alaska.

Alaska Territory[edit]

Name Image Term of Office Governor(s)
George B. Grigsby No image.svg 1916–1919 Strong, Riggs
Jeremiah C. Murphy No image.svg 1919–1920 Riggs
John Rustgard John Rustgard.jpg 1920–1933 Riggs, Bone, Parks
James S. Truitt No image.svg 1933–1941 Troy, Gruening
Henry Roden No image.svg 1941–1945 Gruening
Ralph J. Rivers Ralph Julian Rivers.jpg 1945–1949 Gruening
J. Gerald Williams No image.svg 1949–1959 Gruening, Heintzleman, Stepovich

State of Alaska[edit]

Name Image Term of Office Governor(s)
John L. Rader John Rader.jpg 1959–1960 Egan
Ralph E. Moody Ralph E. Moody.jpg 1960–1962 Egan
George N. Hayes No image.svg 1962–1964 Egan
Warren C. Colver No image.svg 1964–1966 Egan
Donald A. Burr No image.svg 1966–1967 Hickel
Edgar Paul Boyko No image.svg 1967–1968 Hickel
G. Kent Edwards No image.svg 1968–1970 Hickel, Miller
John E. Havelock John Havelock.jpg 1970–1973 Egan
Norman C. Gorsuch No image.svg 1973–1974 Egan
Avrum M. Gross Avrum Gross.jpg 1974–1980 Hammond
Wilson L. Condon No image.svg 1980–1982 Hammond
Norman C. Gorsuch No image.svg 1982–1985 Sheffield
Harold M. Brown No image.svg 1985–1986 Sheffield
Grace Berg Schaible No image.svg 1987–1989 Cowper
Douglas B. Baily No image.svg 1989–1990 Cowper
Charles E. Cole No image.svg 1991–1994 Hickel
Bruce M. Botelho No image.svg 1994–2002 Hickel, Knowles
Gregg D. Renkes No image.svg 2002–2005 Murkowski
David W. Márquez No image.svg 2005–2006 Murkowski
Talis J. Colberg No image.svg 2006–2009 Palin
Daniel S. Sullivan DanielSSullivan.jpg 2009–2010 Palin, Parnell
John Burns No image.svg 2010–2012 Parnell
Michael C. Geraghty No image.svg 2012–2014 Parnell
Craig W. Richards[3] No image.svg 2014–2016 Walker
Jahna Lindemuth No image.svg 2016–2018 Walker
Kevin Clarkson No image.svg 2018–present Dunleavy


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