Alexander Fuks

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Alexander Fuks
Born(1917-05-30)30 May 1917
Died29 November 1978(1978-11-29) (aged 61)
Scientific career
InstitutionsHebrew University of Jerusalem

Alexander Fuks (30 May 1917 – 29 November 1978) was a German-born, later Israeli historian, archaeologist and papyrologist. He worked with Victor Tcherikover and Menahem Stern on the standard edition of Jewish papyri. He was a specialist in the study of Hellenistic Judaism.[1]


  1. ^ Social conflict in ancient Greece Alexander Fuks - ed. 1984 bio "Alexander Fuks, a disciple of these three scholars, shared their interest in the meeting of the Jewish and Graeco-Roman worlds ... Alexander Fuks then conceived the project of a comprehensive book on the subject, which would examine the ..."