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Alfonso Gesualdo di Conza (20 October 1540–14 February 1603) was an Italian Cardinal starting in 1561. He was from Naples. His attendance at the papal conclave of 1565-1566 at the age of only 25 makes him one of the youngest Cardinals ever to participate in a papal election.[1]

He was Archbishop of Conza in 1564, Bishop of Albano in 1583, Bishop of Frascati in 1587, Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina in 1589, Bishop of Ostia in 1591, and Archbishop of Naples in 1596.

He was a patron of Sant'Andrea della Valle in Rome, the mother church of the Theatine Order.[2] The composer Carlo Gesualdo was his nephew.

Episcopal succession[edit]

While bishop, he was the principal consecrator of:[3]


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