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All Souls' Church
All Souls' Church01.jpg
Front view of All Souls’ Church.
4°28′50″N 101°22′52″E / 4.480667°N 101.381096°E / 4.480667; 101.381096
LocationJalan Pejabat Hutan, Taman Sedia, 39000, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia
ConsecratedThursday, 30 April 1959
Style“Nissen” Hut [1]
CompletedSeptember 1958
ArchdeaconryEast Archdeaconry
DioceseWest Malaysia
Priest(s)Rev. Steven Raj s/o Indarajah
ArchdeaconVen. Stephen Chan

All Souls’ Church is located in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia. [2]

The church was established in 1958. It is affiliated to the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia and the Council of Churches, Malaysia.


All Souls’ Church, previously known as the Cameron Highlands Church, was erected in 1958. It was initially attached to St. John's Church in Ipoh, Perak. [3] The committee then comprised Captain Hugh Fitzherbert Bloxham (Police Force, Tanah Rata), Mr. E.G. Waller (District Officer), Major Raymond Thomas (Commander, OC Troops), Major W.R. Stokes (Headmaster, Slim School), Mr. Hogarth (Chefoo School), Mr. Whitelaw (District Engineer), Rev. G.A. Williamson (OMF, Tapah), Mr. Sales (Clerk of Works), Miss Dove and Miss Anne L.P. Griffith-Jones.

Church logo.

”To the Glory of God this church is erected by the British Army and civilian communities for Christian worship in Cameron Highlands”.

Plaque commemorating the opening of All Souls' Church (September 1958).

The history of the church can be traced back to the early 1950s when the Vicar of Ipoh and other expatriate clergy held occasional services at either the Cameron Highlands Hotel (now the Cameron Highlands Resort) or Slim School (which is the present location of the Malaysian Commando Camp). Historical records show that the Rev. Anthony Charles Dumper made his pastoral visits to Slim School as early as 1950. The first confirmation service recorded was in 1952.

During the Malayan Emergency (1948–1960) there was a significant increase in the number of British Military Forces in the district. Army chaplains visited the “Camerons” to conduct the weekly services at either the Eastern Hotel (now the site of the Century Pines Resort) or Slim School. The congregation consisted mainly of military personnel.

Miss Anne Griffith-Jones, OBE. Photo credit: Tanglin Trust School, Singapore.

A small church is being erected in Cameron Highlands for inter-denominational Christian worship on land which was formerly a part of Tanglin School playground.

Donations will be appreciated from Tanglin Old Boys and Girls who would like to be associated with the church and from past and present Slim School pupils, and from those who have happy memories of holidays spent in the Highlands.

Donations will be acknowledged by the C.H. Church Secretary Miss A.L. Griffith-Jones, Tanglin, Cameron Highlands, Malaya.

(Letter to the editor, The Straits Times,
20 September 1958, page 10)

In early 1958, Miss Anne L.P. Griffith-Jones, OBE (1890–1973) offered to give a site adjoining the Slim School grounds for the erection of a School Chapel. However, after consultation with the District Officer, it was established that the State Government would not alienate any further land to the British Forces. Subsequently, Miss Griffith-Jones transferred the land to the Diocese on the understanding that a small civilian church would be built on it. The church would also be available for any special army services.

The construction of the church commenced in 1958. The army authorities generously provided a dismantled Nissen hut [5] for erection as a church and also donated a sum of RM$1,000 towards the total erection costs of RM$4,643. Part of this money also came from the European planter families from Kampong Kuantan and Kuala Selangor.

The church was completed in September 1958 and, except for some minor renovations, remains essentially unchanged to this day.

Location map of All Souls’ Church.

The name ‘All Souls’ Church’ was given at its consecration on Thursday, 30 April 1959 by the Right Rev. Bishop H.W. Baines, Bishop of Singapore and Malaya to commemorate the soldiers who died in the two World Wars.

The church, under the direction of the Missionary District of South Perak, was initially ministered to by chaplains of the British Armed Forces and expatriate clergy from the Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) seconded to the Diocese of West Malaysia. Among these were the Rev. G.A. Williamson (1952–1960), Rev. Whitaker (1957), Rev. C.K. Davis (1958), Rev. K. Oliver (1958), Rev. P. Scott (1959), Rev. J.G.C. Thistle (1959–1960), Rev. T.O. Sturdy (1959–1960), Rev. G. Baker (1960–1961), Rev. Donald H. Temple (1960–1961), Rev. Vokes (1961). Rev. Fred Collard (1965–1974) and Rev. David H. Uttley (1970–1971). The church later became a part of the Parish of South Perak and in 1986 it became a part of the Parish of Batang Padang, Tapah, Perak.

Since its inception, however, All Souls’ Church has been governed by an independent committee comprising members of the church. The first Malaysian clergy who ministered at All Souls’ Church, were the clergy from Emmanuel Church in Tapah, Perak – the Rev. Moses Elisha Ponniah (1975–1979), the Rev. Samuel D. John (1980–1986), the Rev. Alakumalai (1986–1990) and the Rev. Steven Abbarow (1990–1998).

The first resident priest to be appointed to All Souls’ Church was Rev. Kalaimuthu. He was licensed by the late Bishop Tan Sri John G. Savarimuthu on Sunday, 21 August 1994. He was succeeded by Rev. Dr. Vijendra Daniel in November 1997. On 30 August 1998 the Bishop Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Lim Cheng Ean inaugurated All Souls’ Church as a Missionary District, with the Rev. Dr. Vijendra Daniel as the resident priest.

On 1 January 2007, Rev. David Cheong succeeded Rev. Dr. Vijendra Daniel as Priest-in-Charge of All Souls’ Church. Rev. Jeremiah Lee succeeded Rev. David Cheong from May 2008. Rev. Simon Soh succeeded Rev. Jeremiah Lee in 2011. In January 2015, the church came under the care of Rev. James Ming Sabaran. On 1 January 2018, Rev. Steven Raj succeeded Rev. James Ming Sabaran as Priest-in-Charge of All Souls' Church.

Lawn area of All Souls’ Church (c. 2009). Photo credit: Time Tunnel museum.

Purpose Statement[edit]

All Souls’ Church, in conformity with the historic Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds:

Seeks to magnify God's name through worship.

  • Therefore: We come together to sing praises, hear and proclaim God's word, offer our prayers, receive Christ's forgiveness and celebrate the gifts of baptism and Holy Communion.
Thursday 8.00 PM Home Fellowship & Prayer Meeting
Friday 7.30 PM Tamil Fellowship
Saturday 3.00 PM Kids Klub
Sunday 10.30 AM
3.00 PM
8.00 PM
Family Worship Service (English)
Youth Club
Malay language Service

Seeks to educate God's people through discipleship.

  • Therefore: We nurture growth in personal faith and Biblical understanding, edifying the body of believers through fellowship and the responsible use of our time, talents and resources.

Seeks to communicate God's word through evangelism.

  • Therefore: We reach out beyond our congregation, inviting into communion people of different races and generations, sharing the Good News of the gospel with all our neighbours.

Seeks to demonstrate God's love through service.

  • Therefore: We go forth to offer Christ's compassionate love, comfort, hope, joy and peace; as individuals, as a congregation and as members of the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia to serve the homeless, the hungry, the sick, the abused, the forgotten and the broken in spirit.

Seeks to obey God's commission through mission.

  • Therefore: We encourage and support worldwide Christian missions and endeavour to mobilise members of our own congregation for part or full-time cross-cultural mission.

Sunday Services[edit]

The church runs two services on Sundays. Both services involve lay participation.

The All Souls’ Church English service is held at 10.30am; the Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) Malay language service is conducted at 7.30pm.

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