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AlphaGalileo Foundation Ltd
Type of site
Available inEnglish, Spanish, French and German
Created byStaff writers
Current statusactive

AlphaGalileo is a business-to-business science news service launched in 1998 prompted by the popularity of Eurekalert.[1] AlphaGalileo was created as a result of UK government efforts to promote public engagement with science.[2]

The news service, which is moderated, is run by the independent not-for-profit organisation, AlphaGalileo Foundation Ltd[3][4] on a mix of government grants, commercial sponsorship and advertising.[5] It takes press releases about research developments from over 2 000 contributors and distributes them to more than 5 300 journalists in some 85 countries.[6]

The service was founded in 1998 by Peter Green[7] with the support of the Association of British Science Writers as well as support from the French and German ministries.[8]


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