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Amaryllo International B.V.
IndustryRobotics, Home Automation, Smart Retailer
FoundedAmsterdam, the Netherlands
FounderCT Marcus Yang
HeadquartersNieuwezijds Voorburgwal 104 -108, 1012 SG, ,
Area served
iSensor HD
iSensor Patio
iBabi Plus
iCare FHD
ServicesAmaryllo Service
Soteria Service
Amaryllo iCamPRO Deluxe

Amaryllo International B.V., founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, pioneers in AI as a Service market: Amaryllo offers real-time data mining, patented camera robot, fast object recognition, secure 256-bit encrypted P2P network, and flexible cloud storage to B2G and B2B market.

Amaryllo develops a new type of patented robotic cameras that can talk, hear, sense, recognize human faces, and auto-track intruders 360 degrees and even from behind.[1] Founder Yang invented and patented the first embedded auto-tracking cameras, and company debuted world's first security robot based on WebRTC protocol, iCamPRO FHD,[2] and won the 2015 CES Best of Innovation Award under Embedded Technology category.[3][4][5] Amaryllo's home security robots employ 256-bit encryption technologies and run on WebRTC protocol.[6] Amaryllo is ranked as the number-one smart home camera robot company.[7][8][9]


Amaryllo revealed its first smart home security products at Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) 2013 with a Skype-enabled IP camera called iCam HD.[10] iCam HD was the first smart home IP camera certified by Plugged-into-Skype program with 256-bit encryption. Amaryllo announced its second Skype-certified smart home product, iBabi HD, at CES 2014. Company was chosen as a Cool Vendor by Gartner in Connected Home 2014 for being the first company offering the highest possible security protection in consumers security market.[11] Amaryllo introduced WebRTC-based smart home products after Microsoft terminated embedded Skype services in mid 2014.Company has been developing a series of camera robots with focus on its auto-tracking and facial recognition technologies since. The professional outdoor IP65 grade camera robots, ATOM AR3 and ATOM AR3S, were introduced in late 2016.

Robotics Technologies[edit]

Facial Recognition[edit]

Amaryllo debuted its facial recognition technologies on the new auto-tracking model, ATOM at IFA 2016.[12] ATOM is designed to recognize human faces from learning faces. It takes 0.5 seconds to detect a human face and another 0.5 second to identify a person, totaling only 1 second to recognize a human face. It can recognize over 100 people simultaneously.[13] Amaryllo is offering facial recognition to its B2B partners. ASUS SmartHome platform has integrated ATOM to its offering to take advantage of this new technology.[14]

Embedded Auto-Tracking[edit]

Unlike conventional tracking technologies which employ remote computers to perform object tracking algorithm, resulting in higher implementation costs and bulkier systems, Amaryllo uses multi-core processor embedded in compact cameras to realize complete tracking systems in single units. Each camera must be embedded with sufficient computation power and memory to possess artificial intelligence to analyze real-time image comparison to track moving objects, to stream real-time full HD video, to encode 256-bit encryption, to upload recorded videos, etc. Amaryllo security drones act as individual security robots to track moving objects on their own without commands from remote computers. With a 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution, these drones are able to track intruders over 30 feet away. Infrared lights are aesthetically hidden by a mask and are activated when the environment is dark. This enables Amaryllo drones to track objects in a complete darkness.

Speech Functions[edit]

Amaryllo added speech functions to its advanced camera robots. Multiple languages are introduced including English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Japanese, and Chinese. When faces or sensors are detected, camera robots will talk in pre-selected languages and say "Hello", "Good Morning", "Good Afternoon", etc. Camera robots can report hourly time such as "It's 4 PM" and even check your email arrival. If there is new email, camera robots will say "You've got mail" to remind owners.

Multiple Sensor Network[edit]

Company's patent-pending technologies further enable security robots to track objects 360 degrees by introducing multiple motion sensors around the drones, so once a sensor is triggered, embedded CPUs will guide the drones to turn to the spotted direction to follow objects even from behind. This innovative design eliminates the need to implement multiple cameras in a single unit to reduce cost.[15] Amaryllo security robots can talk to intruders if they are spotted and track intruders.[16] Amaryllo iCamPRO FHD won 2015 WebRTC World Product of the Year Award.[17]

Object Recognition[edit]

Amaryllo develops cloud-based artificial intelligent with its camera robots to recognize any objects. By taking advantage of large cloud computation power, faces, human body, vehicle, animals, birds, air planes, etc. can be detected and recognized in seconds. Over 100 human faces can be detected and recognized in seconds. Amaryllo uses real-time picture frame analysis to identify faces. Once detected, security drones will send out face alerts to registered users instantly.[18] Amaryllo uses real-time picture frame analysis to identify faces. Once a humanoid face is recognized, robots will deliver face snapshots to smart devices within seconds. This patent-pending solution can eliminate possible false alerts found in popular network cameras with alerts generated by Passive infrared sensor.

Interactive Services[edit]

Amaryllo robots are linked to Google Services. If consumers receive an email, Amaryllo robots will say "You've got mail." If consumers have appointments at 3 PM, Amaryllo robots will say "You have an appointment at 3 pm," minutes before the meeting to remind consumers. These robots can also say "Hello", "Good Morning", "Good Afternoon", etc. when they detect events. These events could be motion, audio, or face detection pre-determined by users. These robots are wirelessly connected to networks, so they are aware of local time and can report time on an hourly fashion. For example, it will say "It's 5 PM," acting as a regular clock. More interactive voice communications are reported.[19]

Blockout and Activity Zones[edit]

To eliminate common false alarm triggered by popular audio or PIR sensors, Amaryllo devises an option on app to allow consumers to define areas where they are ignored or they are monitored by their robots. If robots are led to a certain area where movement later stops, robots will rotate themselves to resume to their pre-defined "home" positions to safeguard the most important asset. The combination of the above, enables Amaryllo robots to reduce false alarm raised by conventional pixel-based sensors.

P2P Communications and Cloud Service[edit]

Dynamic P2P Server[edit]

Amaryllo was the first to establish global Peer-to-Peer (P2P) server based on WebRTC protocol in smart home service.[20] Amaryllo Live is a plug-in-free H.264-based browser service allowing consumers to access their cameras anywhere anytime. It runs on WebRTC protocol and Firefox is the first browser company to support Amaryllo Live. Other browser companies have vowed to support WebRTC H.264-based codec.[21] Amaryllo server measures each communications channel and dynamically adjusts the video format based on available bandwidth to effectively alleviate video latency and results in a better video communications experience. It also permits a true two-way audio talk.

Video Alert[edit]

Amaryllo offers free and paid unlimited cloud storage plans available to its products. Unconventionally, Amaryllo cloud service includes video alerts allowing consumers to review urgent video messages from smart devices remotely. Video alerts are handy as brief recorded videos provide additional information to consumers in comparison against typical single frame picture alerts. Amaryllo launched Urgent Home Care Service with an introduction of iCare FHD. With a touch of a remote control, the patent-pending technologies deliver video alerts to registered members in seconds. iCare FHD can detect faces and sends out real-time face alert video to family members. This is the first urgent home care products employing WebRTC technologies.[22][23]

Intelligent Data Analytics Service[edit]


Amaryllo expands its business to B2B smart retailer market by introducing Soteria service in 2018. Soteria employs robotic cameras with cloud intelligence to offer affordable real-time video analytics allowing retailer owners to monetize customer data. Unlike conventional wisdom, Soteria is the first smart retailer CRM without PC or server but cloud-based service, significantly lowering the entry barrier for small business owners to enjoy their customer types. Soteria received Service Innovation Award at Essen Security Germany 2018.

Honors & Recognition[edit]


  • 2018 - Amaryllo AR4 won 2018 CES Best of Innovation Award under Smart Cities category and AR5 won CES Innovation Award under Smart Home.[24]
  • 2017 - Amaryllo won its third CES Innovation Awards with Koova, ATOM AR3 and ATOM AR3S in 2017. [25]
  • 2016 - Amaryllo won the consecutive 2016 CES Innovation Award with its iCamPRO Deluxe[26]
  • 2015 - iCamPRO FHD won 2015 CES Best of Innovation Award under Embedded Technology category.[27]


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