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An duong's map

An Dương is a rural district (huyện) of Hai Phong, the third largest city of Vietnam. It is located in the west of Hai Phong city. It separated from An Hai district in 2002. An Duong's area is 98.3196 km² and its population is 150,000 people (in 2008). The district is adjacent to Hai Duong province in the west and northwest, An Lao district in the southwest, Kien An county in southern, Thuy Nguyen district in the north, Hong Bang county and Le Chan county in the Southeast. It contains 16 administrative units, it is An Duong town and 15 communes: Lê Thiện, Đại Bản, An Hòa, Hồng Phong, Tân Tiến, An Hưng, An Hồng, Bắc Sơn, Nam Sơn, Lê Lợi, Đặng Cương, Đồng Thái, Quốc Tuấn, An Đồng, Hồng Thái.


  • In 2003, the Prime Minister signed the decree to adjust the administrative boundaries of Hai Phong. According to that, some agricultural town was founded An Duong district. After 10 years of re-establishment the average income of An Duong district has reached $1,450, it brings An Duong district gradually has become one of the districts that has high speed of urbanization and industrialization in Viet Nam.
  • This area is important in industrial, agricultural and services of Hai Phong. An Duong has Nomura industrial, Ben Kien industrial, Hai Phong-Saigon Industrial (under construction) and industrial Dang Cuong (under planning).
  • An Duong government focuses on accelerating the economic restructuring towards industrialization – modernization, creating conditions to attract investment for projects to promote the economic and develop social. Government attempts strengthening agricultural and rural industrialization, emphasising varieties, plants and animals with high quality in agricultural production, increasing economic efficiency in the area, and increasing the share of livestock to develop in a sustainable way. Rapid economic development improves the quality of growth and sustainability. Maximising the potential and advantages of the place to restructure the economy, especially in the field of service and construction. Strengthening the economic restructuring towards comprehensive agricultural, commodity production; accelerate flowers, vegetables and plants projects in some localities and strengthen management of land use and, promoting rural urbanization.


An duong's traffic
  • An Duong district has the two most important traffic routes which are 5A and 10 Highway. They are play an important role in developing the economy. An Duong is assessed that has a strategic location to raise. Also 188 and 351 provincial highway are a part of An Duong's traffic system. It connects all districts together.


  • Architecture is the birthplace and preserves the art of ancient peoples. It is the base material for works and environment to exists. Ancient architecture of Vietnam always has the relationship with the natural landscape. They swirled together to form an unified body. Ancient architectural complexes of Vietnam were formed from the following these elements: "Tam Quan"(port) - walled courtyard - garden - lake (pond) - home. Hai Phong port is on the path of innovation. The banyan tree, pavilion,... are no longer. Preserving architectural heritage - ancient art is the responsibility.
  • Luckily, one of the place that still has ancient architecture is An Duong. This place has many temples and pagodas, for example Phúc Linh pagoda, Vân Tra temple, Vĩnh Khê temple, Tri Yếu temple and Nhu Thượng temple. These legacies not only save the history, but also it is a place that festivals can be held.


Two most famous festivals in An Duong are Vinh Khe temple and Van Tra village festivals.

  • Vinh Khe temple is located in Vinh Khe village, An Dong commune, An Duong district, suburbs of Haiphong. This festival opens each year on the 7th of January to celebrate the birth of Vũ Trung and Vũ Giao, the two ingenuity tactical generals in Tran Nghe Tong's empire (1370–1372), to show respect for them. Village festival associated with wrestling contest, it just place a day but also attract many people. On day before of the game, the elderly nominate two old man that satisfy these qualify: good morals rich, have children, no funeral, clean clothes to become the examiner. The two old man have to wear the same clothes. Vinh Khe temple's festival very crowded.
  • Van Tra village is located in An Dong Commune, An Duong district Hai Phong city. The Festival held annually in two days 14 and 15 of January. It has many folk games such as cockfighting, chess,... it has attracted both players and viewers. Exciting and attracted the most viewers are still wrestling. there are many wrestlers in other provinces such as An Lao, Vinh Bao, Tien Lang also here to pit with each other. After that, in mid-February, Van Tra village would held a festival to commemorate the merits of Dao Loi, who has chased the invaders.