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Anchalumoodu Town
Anchalumoodu Town
Anchalumoodu is located in Kollam
Location in Kollam, India
Anchalumoodu is located in Kerala
Anchalumoodu (Kerala)
Coordinates: 8°55′56.2008″N 76°36′13.9818″E / 8.932278000°N 76.603883833°E / 8.932278000; 76.603883833Coordinates: 8°55′56.2008″N 76°36′13.9818″E / 8.932278000°N 76.603883833°E / 8.932278000; 76.603883833
DistrictKollam district
 • TypeCouncillor
 • OfficialMalayalam
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code0474
Vehicle registrationKL-02
WebsiteKollam Municipal Corporation

Anchalumoodu is a town and neighbourhood of the city of Kollam, India. It is a historic town near the place, where the Peruman railway accident happened in 1988. Anchalumoodu is 8 km away from Kollam city, 26 km from Paravur and 8 km from Kundara town. College of Engineering, Perumon is very close to this place. Anchalumoodu was a part of Thrikkadavoor till 2015. In May 2015, Government of Kerala have decided to expand City Corporation of Kollam by merging Thrikkadavoor panchayath. Now Anchalumoodu along with Thrikkadavoor is a part of Kollam city.[1][2]

Speciality of Anchalumoodu is that, 75% of it is surrounded by Ashtamudi lake, which is famous for its scenic beauty and attracts hundreds of tourists around the globe to Kollam.



The nearest railway station to Anchalummodu is Perinad railway station which is about 2.5 km from the town. All passenger trains stop at this railway station. Kollam Junction Railway Station, one of the biggest junction and busiest railway stations in Kerala is 9 km away from Anchalumoodu. Kundara is 9 km away from Anchalumoodu town.


Anchalumoodu is connected well with roads. The town is 8 km away from Kollam city centre Chinnakada and 8 km from Kundara town. Regular city services and transport buses are there to Kollam city from Anchalumoodu. Bus services are available to important places in Kerala which include Trivandrum, Ernakulam, etc.


Anchalummodu has its fair share of privately owned and state owned educational institutions. Institutions of education are affiliated to either the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE), or the Kerala State Education Board.

Most private schools use English as the medium of instruction whereas government run schools offer both English and Malayalam as a medium of instruction.

The Government Higher Secondary School at Anchalumoodu is one of the biggest and reputed government schools in Kollam district.

The main higher education centre near to Anchalumoodu is the College of Engineering, Perumon. Nalanda ITC is located near to the GHSS Anchalummood.

Places of worship[edit]

Anchalumoodu has a mix of different religious communities. Main temples in and around Anchalumoodu town include Kadavoor Siva Temple, Ashtamudi Virabhadra Swamy Temple, Panayam Durga Temple, Sastholi Temple, Kuppana Velayudha Mangalam Temple, Kolleril Siva Temple, Karuva Temple and Perumon Devi Temple. Mosques include Kureepuzha Mosque, Karuva Mosque and Chiraiyil Mosque. Important churches are St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Inchavila, and the Church at Kureepuzha.

Kuppana Velayudha Mangalam Temple[edit]

The temple is one of the famous Subramania Temple in Kollam District. This temple is associated with great history. Thaippooya Festival (10 days long) is the most important festival. Many people from different parts of the district come over here during the occasion. Several elephants assemble at the temple premises to make the occasion an unforgettable one. At night Khoshayatra is held there which is an eyecatching one. The number of floats make this event a beautiful occasion. To reach the temple visitors alight at Anchalummodu town bus stop. From there auto rickshaws are available to go to the temple. The temple is 1.5 km away from Anchalumoodu junction.


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