And a Nightingale Sang

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DVD cover of And a Nightingale Sang

And a Nightingale Sang is a play by British playwright C.P. Taylor (1977) and commissioned by Newcastle upon Tyne's Live Theatre Company. The play was made into a TV play in 1989 by Jack Rosenthal for Tyne Tees Television.

Described as a bitter-sweet comedy,[1] the play is set in Newcastle during World War II and portrays Helen Stott and her family as it copes on the home front with life during the war. The play's name is derived from a popular war-time song sung by Vera Lynn called "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square".

The play has frequently been produced both in Britain and the US. The film was produced by Philip Hinchcliffe with Victor Glynn and directed by Rob Knights. It starred Joan Plowright, Phyllis Logan, John Woodvine, Stephen Tompkinson and Tom Watt. It won many awards including the prestigious Prix Europa in 1990.


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