Andrea Seabrook

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Andrea Seabrook
Born1974 (age 44–45)
Alma materEarlham College
OccupationRadio, podcast personality
Years active2001-present
Known forMorning Edition; DecodeDC

Andrea Seabrook[1] (born 1974) is an American journalist reporting in various formats: radio, print, podcast & digital. She is known for her coverage of politics, Congress and the White House, and for her work hosting NPR's signature news programs, All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, Talk of the Nation, and others.

Seabrook was among the first on-air public radio personalities to leave NPR[2] and start a successful, independent podcast, DecodeDC, which was later acquired by the E.W. Scripps Corp. Seabrook went on to serve as DC Bureau Chief of Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal, and then Managing Editor of the civic-tech app, Countable.


Seabrook received a bachelor's degree in biology from Earlham College in 1996. While at Earlham, Seabrook worked at WECI, the college's public radio station. As part of her degree, Seabrook studied Latin American literature at La UNAM, The National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City.[3]

Seabrook began reporting for NPR in 2001, after working on Anthem, an NPR music program, and working in the Mexico Bureau and provided fill-in coverage of Mexico and Central America. She then returned to NPR headquarters in Washington, and worked on Radio Expeditions, a joint series of NPR and National Geographic. She then went to work on Morning Edition"[3] with Bob Edwards.

In July 2012, Seabrook left NPR and has started the pioneering political podcast, DecodeDC, with the goal of “deciphering Washington's Byzantine language and procedure, sweeping away what doesn't matter so listeners can focus on what does".[4] The project was funded in part by a $100,724 Kickstarter campaign and a with a partnership with SoundCloud.

In September, 2012, DecodeDC moved to the Mule Radio Podcast Syndicate. In November 2013, DecodeDC was acquired by the E.W. Scripps Corp.

Currently, Seabrook is the Managing Editor of Countable[5], the premier civic technology app in the U.S.


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