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Android Q
A version of the Android operating system
Android Q Beta 2 screenshot.jpg
Android Q home screen with the Pixel Launcher
Latest previewQ Beta 3 (QPP3.190404.015)[1] / May 7, 2019; 14 days ago (2019-05-07)
Preceded byAndroid 9.0 "Pie"
Support status

Android "Q" is the upcoming tenth major release and the 17th version of the Android mobile operating system. The final release of Android Q is scheduled for the third quarter of 2019.[2]


Android Q features include:[3]

  • Native support for foldable phones.[4][5][6]
  • Allows users to control when apps have permission to see their location: never, only when the app is in use (running), or all the time (when in the background).
  • New permissions to access in background photos, video and audio files.
  • Built-in screen recorder.
  • Background apps can no longer jump into the foreground.
  • Improved privacy: limited access to non-resettable device identifiers.
  • Sharing shortcuts, which allow sharing content with a contact directly.
  • Floating settings panel, that allow changing system settings directly from apps.
  • Dynamic depth format for photos, which allow changing background blur after taking a photo.
  • Support for the AV1 video codec, the HDR10+ video format and the Opus audio codec.
  • A native MIDI API, allowing interaction with music controllers.
  • Better support for biometric authentication in apps.[7]


On March 13, 2019, Google released the first beta of Android Q exclusively on their Pixel phones.[3] The beta was extended to first generation Google Pixel devices due to popular demand.[3] A total of six beta/release candidate versions are planned for release before the final release, which is currently scheduled for the third quarter of 2019.[2][8]

On May 7, 2019, Beta 3 launched and expanded the beta to 14 partner devices from 11 OEMs, twice as many devices compared to Android Pie's beta (access to Huawei was removed on May 21, 2019 due to U.S. government sanctions).[4][9]

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