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Android's “green robot“

Androidland is the first Android retail store, opened by the carrier Telstra on Bourke Street, Melbourne, Australia, in December 2011.[1] If it proves successful, it may expand within the country and internationally.[2]

The store is themed heavily in green, featuring several Android “green robot“ sculptures. In the store, Telstra provides visitors with an interactive spaceship zone that features a flight simulator (via the Google Earth software, a Liquid Galaxy set-up[2]), also including a massive screen on which visitors can play Angry Birds. It features scented areas with gingerbread and grass aromas, called “Android grass“,[2] to further immerse visitors.


“Over the past 12 months we’ve seen a huge growth in the number of customers coming in-store and asking us about Android phones and tablets. With Androidland we wanted to create a retail environment like no other that helps us to answer customer questions in a fun, interactive way.“ As of 23 October 2012 Androidland is being removed from the Icon Store.
— Warwick Bray, Executive Director, Telstra Mobile[3]

Androidland had been in development since July 2011.[4] Google Australia helped to train the store’s Android experts to be able to assist visitors with their current devices, help them with their new ones and recommend apps to install.[5]


Logan Booker, writing for Gizmodo Australia wrote “It’s a friendly environment, definitely, and if I were to make the switch to Android, I’d be sure to stop by to aid in my decision-making. The interesting fusion of business with an “experience” beyond product demonstrations gives the shop-within-a-shop a corporate Powerhouse Museum feel.“[2]


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