Angkuic languages

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EthnicityBlang people in China and Loi people in Myanmar (Shan and Mongla)
China, Burma
Linguistic classificationAustroasiatic

The Angkuic languages are spoken in Yunnan province, China and Shan State, Burma.



Andrew Hsiu (2015)[2] proposes the following tentative classification scheme for the Angkuic languages.

  • Eastern (Va)
    • Va, Northern
    • Va, Southern
  • Northern (U)
    • Xiaoheijiang U (Alva, Auva, U of Shuangjiang)
    • Northeastern U (P’uman, Avala)
    • Northwestern U
  • Southern (?)
  • Dagun (?)

Hsiu (2015) suggests that the Angkuic languages originated in the Mekong River valley in the Sipsongpanna area, and subsequently dispersed upstream into western and central Yunnan.

Lexical innovations[edit]

Hsiu (2015)[2] lists the following lexical innovations in each Angkuic branch. Proto-Palaungic reconstructions are from Sidwell (2015).

'to eat' 'three' 'tooth' 'knife'
Proto-Northern Angkuic *naʔ *ʔuaj *hraŋ[3] *sak
Proto-Eastern Angkuic *pra *kuej *xaŋ *jət
Proto-Southern Angkuic *kʰaːj *-ɔj *kʰɛŋ *wac
Proto-Palaungic - *ləʔɔːj *sraːŋ *ʋaːc; *ʋiɛk

References and notes[edit]

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