Anglo-Indian Canadians

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Anglo-Indian Canadians
Total population
Anglo-Indian Canadians
Regions with significant populations
Throughout Canada, Winnipeg
Canadian English, French, British English, Hindi, see Languages of India
Anglicanism, Presbyterianism, Baptism, Methodism and Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
English Canadians, Indo-Canadians, Tamil Canadians, Pakistani Canadians, Indian diaspora

Anglo-Indian Canadians are Canadian citizens of Anglo-Indian heritage. Many Anglo-Indian Canadians have roots in the Indian subcontinent. Some of the earlier generations of Indians have British Indian heritage.


Indians from the subcontinent have migrated overseas to many countries such as South Africa, Great Britain, Oceania, Caribbean, North America, and South East Asia due to political conflicts, economic opportunities, education and search of a better life. Indian migration to Canada recently is due to economic opportunities as well as education.[1]

Notable Anglo-Indian Canadians[edit]


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