Arabs in Italy

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Arabs in Italy
Arabi in Italia
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Flag of Lombardy.svg Lombardy, Flag of Piedmont.svg Piedmont, Flag of Lazio.svg Lazio, Flag of Liguria.svg Liguria, Flag of Tuscany.svg Tuscany
Arabic and Italian
Islam and Christianity
Related ethnic groups
Arab people, Arab diaspora, Arab Americans, Arab Argentine, Arab Brazilian, Arab Canadians, Arab Mexican

Arabs in Italy (Italian: Arabi in Italia, Arabic: عرب إيطاليا‎) are mostly expatriates from a range of Arab countries, particularly Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Eritrea the Palestinian Territories, and Iraq; and also small groups from Jordan, Algeria and Sudan. As a result of mixed marriages and naturalization, the category includes many Italian nationals and second-generation children of expatriates.

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