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Argentella is a type of needle lace derived from Argentan lace,[1] with a Rosacé ground, a "striking ground of tiny webs."[1]

Argentella: A French needle lace made also at Abbisola in Italy. Developed from Argentan with Rosacé ground.[2]

Argentella. A name given to a lace made in Genoa [Italy], but worked much like [the French] Point d'Alençon.[3]

argentella lace[:] An early, white needlepoint lace made in Italy. Similar to the Alençon lace, but made with flat cordonnet. The patterns are delicate and spread over a net ground with small dots at the corners.[4]

Argentella. ...a variant of point d'Alençon, which has a large mesh with a six-sided dot in the centre. This dotted réseau is known as fond de neige, and œil de perdrix, also as réseau rosaceé.[5]

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