Around the Bay Road Race

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Around the Bay Road Race
Date25 March 2018
LocationHamilton, Ontario, Canada
Event typeRoad
Distance30K, 5K
Course recordsMen (1:32:22) Alene Reta Women (1:44:40) Lanni Marchant
Official siteAround the Bay Road Race
Winner Jim Duffy (1912) on the bridge over Burlington Canal.

The Around the Bay Road Race is the oldest long distance road race in North America, held in Hamilton, Ontario since 1894. It is not marathon length, nor has it continuously run (thus the Boston Marathon, founded in April 1897, is the longest running marathon. The longest continually-running footrace in North America is the Bemis-Forslund Pie Race, founded in 1891. The 30 kilometre race is also known as the Billy Sherring Memorial Road Race.[1] It is also called the 30K Around The Bay.

The 2007 addition of a 5 kilometre walk or run allows for more participants.[2]

All races start on York Boulevard, one block west of the Copps Coliseum. All races finish inside Copps Coliseum. On Sunday, March 29, 2007, over 9000 participants crossed the finish line.[3]

In 2005, the Around the Bay Road Race partnered with St. Joseph's Healthcare Foundation and, for the first time became a fundraising event.[2]


The Hamilton Herald Newspaper and cigar store owner "Billy" Carroll, originated and sponsored the first "Around the Bay Road Race", run on Christmas Day, 1894. The race tested the abilities of the finest long distance runners, but was also an avenue to lay down some bets.

In the early 20th century, Jack Caffery and William Sherring battled it out and won two "Bay" races each. Famed Canadian-Onondaga runner Tom Longboat also took the first major victory of his career here, in 1906.

Scotty Rankine holds the distinguished honour of seven wins, established in the late 1930s and early 1940s, while Peter Maher won his fifth Bay race in 1996, tying the record of local Gord Dickson, who had five wins in the late 1950s.

Top fundraisers[edit]

Top fundraisers of the event since 2005.[2][4]
Year Participant Funds raised
2008 Ted Michaels/ Connie Smith $60,000
2007 Ron Foxcroft $55,000
2006 Brian Mullan (Hamilton Police Chief) $50,000
2005 Dave Andreychuk $30,000

Past winners[edit]

Key:   Course record

Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
2019  Daniel Kemoi (KEN) 1:32:57 Mengistu Emebet 1:45:56
2018  Haron Kiptoo Sirma (KEN) 1:35:11  Dayna Pidhoresky (CAN) 1:49:39
2017  Panuel Mkungo (KEN) 1:34:51  Dayna Pidhoresky (CAN) 1:47:27
2016  Paul Kimugal (KEN) 1:35:17  Risper Gesabwa (KEN) 1:47:38
2015  Paul Kimugal (KEN) 1:33:48  Dayna Pidhoresky (CAN) 1:50:47
2014  Paul Kimugal (KEN) 1:35:35  Krista DuChene (CAN) 1:47:14
2013  Terence Attema (CAN) 1:35:45  Lanni Marchant (CAN) 1:44:40
2012  Reid Coolsaet (CAN) 1:33:21  Krista DuChene (CAN) 1:47:04
2011  Derek Nakluski (CAN) 1:37:15  Dayna Pidhoresky (CAN) 1:50:45
2010  Alene Reta (ETH) 1:32:22  Lucy Njeri Muhami (KEN) 1:48:59
2009  Thomas Omwenga (KEN) 1:35:29  Lucy Ngeri (KEN) 1:50:26
2008  Alene Reta (ETH) 1:33:06  Lucy Ngeri (KEN) 1:48:28
2007  Simon Njorge (KEN) 1:32:50  Magdelene Makunzi (KEN) 1:46:51
2006 Nourddine Betchim 1:37:38  Kate MacNamara (CAN) 1:55:10
2005  Joseph Ndritu (KEN) 1:38:46  Kate MacNamara (CAN) 1:58:06
2004 Mustapha Bennacer 1:33:28  Lioudmila Kortchaguina (RUS) 1:46:04
2003 Joseph Nsengiyumva 1:35:02  Lioudmila Kortchaguina (RUS) 1:52:50
2002  Joseph Ndritu (KEN) 1:33:13  Lioudmila Kortchaguina (RUS) 1:46:18
2001  Joseph Ndritu (KEN) 1:36:39  Elizabeth Ruel (CAN) 1:54:20


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