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Artemis Crock
Artemis in Young Justice
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceInfinity, Inc. #34 (January 1987)
Created byRoy Thomas
Todd McFarlane
In-story information
Alter egoArtemis Crock
Team affiliationsInjustice Society
Injustice League
Secret Society of Supervillains
Dead Hero Club
Young Justice
Notable aliasesTigress
AbilitiesOlympic level athlete, speed, and agility with skills as a hunter and tracker

Artemis Lian Crock is a fictional comic book superhero, appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. First appearing in Infinity, Inc. #34 (January 1987), she has appeared as both a supervillain and superhero, usually using her first name as her alias. She is also one of many characters to use the name Tigress.

Outside of comic books, the character played a major superheroic role in the TV series Young Justice.

In the television series Arrow, Artemis is portrayed by Madison McLaughlin. She is the combination of characters Artemis and Evelyn Crawford Sharp. She was an ally to Team Arrow but was revealed to be working with Prometheus.

Publication history[edit]

Artemis Crock debuted in Infinity, Inc. #34 (January 1987) and was created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Todd McFarlane.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Artemis Crock is the daughter of the Golden Age villains Paula Brooks and Crusher Crock. She had taken up a career in crime, modeled after that of her parents, but only after some years did she take on the mantle of Tigress.

During the DC mini-series Legends, the people of America were turned against heroes, and law was made that no one could operate legally wearing a costume. This did not affect the villains much, as they were already breaking the law. For Artemis Crock it proved an opportune time to break her parents out of the Empire State Detention Center. Calling herself only Artemis she joined the Wizard in his new Injustice Society – which he called Injustice Unlimited. They overcame the security at the International Trade Conference in Calgary, Canada, namely Infinity, Inc. and a contingent of the Global Guardians and forced the heroes to help in some mayhem. For Artemis, she took Nuklon and Rising Sun to New York and, with their help, freed the elder felons. They all returned to Calgary to share in the stolen wealth but the plan went haywire when Hourman revived and freed himself, as well as when Solomon Grundy was brought in from the Arctic Circle. It was Solomon who incapacitated Artemis and her parents, but in the confusion they were able to escape.[1]

Only weeks later Artemis again joined with the Icicle and Hazard, as well as the new Harlequin, the Dummy and Solomon Grundy. The Dummy wanted to head a revived Injustice Unlimited and planned to murder the members of Infinity Inc. to make a name for themselves. Their first target - Skyman - was successfully killed by the Harlequin and then Artemis went after Jade. After believing her dead, Artemis returned to her cohorts. A plan was hatched to bring all the remaining Infinitors to Stellar Studios and kill them, a plan defeated only by the unwillingness of Hazard to cooperate, and the sudden reappearance of Jade and Brainwave Jr (both of whom had been thought dead). During the fight Artemis went one-on-one with Wildcat (Yolanda Montez) and lost. In the end Artemis was given over to law enforcement.[2]

Artemis later changed her codename to Tigress and became on-again, off-again lovers with the second Icicle. He invited her back into the reformation of the Injustice Society. She helped him, Wizard, Solomon Grundy, Gentleman Ghost, Rag Doll and Thinker break into JSA headquarters and steal the Prometheus Key, a key that is used to open doors between reality and magic. This allowed Johnny Sorrow who had asked the Wizard to bring him back, to re-enter the Earth.

During the Infinite Crisis storyline, Artemis appeared as a member of Alexander Luthor, Jr.'s Secret Society of Super Villains. She later appeared in the Justice League Wedding Special.

Icicle and Tigress later alternately work with and against Hourman and Liberty Belle in a quest to locate a magical artifact.[3] In 2010, Isabelle Rose Mahkent is born. She is the daughter of the Tigress and the Icicle.[4]

The New 52[edit]

In September 2011, The New 52 rebooted DC's continuity. In this new timeline, a new version of Artemis was introduced in the "Culling" crossover in Teen Titans books. Here, she is a human with no powers, but has been trained to be a strong fighter. She helps the Teen Titans get their bearings before the Culling begins and introduces them to other meta-teens that Harvest has collected. After the Titans are taken, a member of Harvest's crew tries to put her in a state of rage. She fights back and refuses to kill other kids, but instead is killed. Her death helps motivate the Teen Titans and the Legion Lost to join together to take down Harvest.[5] At the end of the series, in Teen Titans Annual #3 the Titans discover that Artemis was healed by the Colonel of Harvest's facility, as part of a second phase of Harvest's plans.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Tigress/Artemis has superhuman fighting skills and is highly trained. She is an expert marksman with her crossbow (including her compact crossbow and quiver of arrows, knives, nets and bolas) and has an enhanced sense of smell that allows her to track her human prey.

In other media[edit]


  • Artemis Crock (in a Tigress costume) makes a small cameo in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!". She is seen taking a family vacation with her parents, Sportsmaster and Huntress.
Artemis Crock as Artemis in Young Justice.
  • A teenaged version of Artemis Crock appears as one of the main characters in Young Justice. This version is a superhero voiced by Stephanie Lemelin and uses the superhero identity of Artemis. Her identity is a mystery to the characters in the show, but has been revealed to viewers via a letter she received in the eighth episode which contains her full name, Artemis Crock. She first appears in the episode "Infiltrator", where she is introduced as Green Arrow's niece and new sidekick, who is brought in to join the team following the departure of Green Arrow's original sidekick, Roy Harper. In "Darkest", Artemis joins Kaldur on a strike team (which also includes Icicle and the Terror Twins) in an attack on Mount Justice, disguised as a new villain called "Tigress". She appears in the comic book continuation of the series and in season 3.
  • The character appears in the TV series Arrow as Evelyn Crawford Sharp, played by Madison McLaughlin. Introduced in season four, she emerges as an impostor Black Canary following Laurel Lance's death. She was a star gymnast before her family became a H.I.V.E. test subject, leaving Evelyn as the only survivor. Knowing her idol had just died, she briefly took up the identity in her crusade against her parents' killer, precisely his wife, before giving it up to save her hero's reputation as Oliver Queen under the guise as Green Arrow advised her to. In season five, Evelyn is recruited by Oliver to train and join Green Arrow's team of vigilantes, taking the codename Artemis. Later, she betrays the team to Prometheus as a brief double-agent upon learning Oliver's past as the Hood. Apparently she regrets to Oliver for betrayal during his captivity by Adrian who seemingly kills her, but this was revealed to be deception in order to break Oliver psychologically. She later releases Black Siren (Laurel's Earth Two counterpart) and both of them, along with Talia al Ghul, kidnap all members of Team Arrow, including police captain Quentin Lance and Oliver's son William and take them to Lian Yu island in order to force Oliver into releasing Adrian from jail. Evelyn is seen keeping captured prisoners, Thea, Felicity, Curtis and William's mother Samantha, in cages with Talia. Oliver and his army of former enemies release the prisoners from cages, but Digger Harkness betrays them. Evelyn is defeated and put in the cage, but Oliver promises to come back for her after the reckoning. Her fate is unknown since Chase detonated the island with explosives and there is no sign or trace that she escaped from island.
    • In Legends of Tomorrow episode "Doomworld", the Evelyn Sharp's mask of Artemis can be seen in a glass display alongside other vigilantes' masks inside Damien Darhk's office, who has become Star City's mayor after the alteration in the reality.


Video games[edit]


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