Atarib Subdistrict

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Atarib Subdistrict

ناحية تل رفعت
Atarib Subdistrict in Syria
Location of Atarib Subdistrict within Aleppo Governorate
Country Syria
DistrictAtarib District

Atarib Subdistrict (Arabic: ناحية تل رفعت‎, romanizedNāḥiyah Atarib) is a subdistrict of Atarib District in western Aleppo Governorate, northwestern Syria. Administrative centre is the town of Atarib.

The administrative center of Atarib Subdistrict and Atarib District is the city of Atarib.

At the 2004 census, the villages forming this subdistrict had a total population of 32,186.[1]

Cities, towns and villages[edit]

Cities, towns and villages of Atarib Subdistrict
PCode Name Population
C1022 Atarib 10,657
C1038 Maarat Atarib 5,796
C1030 al-Abzamo 4,545
C1035 Kafr Karmin 3,769
C1023 al-Sahharah 2,636
C1020 Tuwama 1,829
C1033 Kafr Amma 1,781
C1028 Taydil 1,173


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