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This is a list of Atatürk Museums in Turkey. Most of these are historic buildings converted into museums, in which the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881–1938), stayed during his visit to the location.[1] Some are replicas of the houses, in which Atatürk stayed during his visits.

Name City Province Status
Atatürk Museum (Adana) Adana Adana Province Atatürk stayed[2]
Atatürk's House (Şuhut) Şuhut Afyonkarahisar Province Head quarter of Atatürk in 1922 offensive[3]
Atatürk Museum Mansion Ankara Ankara Province Permanent mansion of the presidency[4]
Atatürk's House Museum (Antalya) Antalya Antalya Province Replica of the house Atatürk visited in Antalya[5]
Bursa Atatürk Museum Bursa Bursa Province Atatürk stayed[6]
Denizli Museum Denizli Denizli Province Atatürk stayed[7]
Dolmabahçe Palace İstanbul İstanbul Province Atatürk stayed (and died) [8]
Florya Atatürk Marine Mansion İstanbul İstanbul Province Built for the presidency[9]
Atatürk Museum, Şişli İstanbul İstanbul Province Atatürk's family stayed before the Turkish war on Independence[10]
İzmir Atatürk Museum İzmir İzmir Province Atatürk stayed[11]
Mersin Atatürk Museum Mersin Mersin Province Atatürk stayed[12]
Silifke Atatürk Museum Silifke Mersin Province Atatürk stayed[13]
Taşucu Atatürk Museum Taşucu Mersin Province Replica of the House in Thessaloniki, Greece during his childhood[14]
Rize Atatürk Museum Rize Rize Province Atatürk stayed[15]
Sakarya Museum Adapazarı Sakarya Province Atatürk met his mother during the Turkish War of Independence[16]
Yalova Atatürk Mansion Yalova Yalova Province Built for the presidency[17]

There are also two Atatürk houses abroad. One is the Atatürk Museum (Thessaloniki) in which Atatürk spent his childhood in Thessaloniki, Greece. The other one is Sarmadzhiev House in Sofia in which Atatürk lived during his diplomatic mission to Bulgaria. But the later is not a museum and it is now used as a part of Turkish embassy in Sofia.


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