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Augustin Souchy Bauer[1] (28 August 1892 – 1 January 1984) was a German anarchist, antimilitarist, labor union official and journalist. He traveled widely and wrote extensively about the Spanish Civil War and intentional communities. He was born in Ratibor, Germany (now Racibórz, Poland).[2]


These are Souchy's works that have been translated into English:

  • The Tragic Week in May, CNT-FAI, 1937 (account of sectarian violence in Spain during the Spanish Revolution)
  • With the Peasants of Aragon, Cienfuegos Press, 1982 (Souchy's account of Spanish peasant cooperatives)
  • Beware! Anarchist!, Charles H. Kerr, Chicago, 1992 (Souchy's autobiography)

For a more complete listing, see the German Wikipedia article at de:Augustin Souchy

Further reading[edit]

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